Recent Forum Changes

Hey! Recently, the forum received a few changes to (hopefully) improve your experiences!

The bulk of the most recent changes have to do with better organizing content on the side. To accomplish this, the categories have been condensed a bit, and there are now “tags” available for your posts!

The “Uncategorized” and “Memes” categories, alongside the original Regular’s Lounge area, has all been merged into #lounge. The Lounge is now your central place for off-topic discussion, regardless of trust level! And when you’re posting your memes, you can tag your post with the meme tag in the lounge.

Hopefully, combining memes and uncategorized into one place will not make it any harder for you to find and enjoy your memes, as you can filter by tags.

Regarding other categories, “Site Feedback” has been renamed to #meta. This is more in-line with other sites, and is more truthful to its purpose. There is a “blog” tag that can be used in #meta:misc.

Both of the Unturned categories have tags too, for questions, suggestions, and announcements! This should make keeping track of cool posts from Nelson & co. easier, and filtering through what you really came here to see.

Some of these changes are still going through, and there’s been a few visual changes to the forum in the process, but I hope you guys enjoy the changes! I realize that some of the colors on the tags might be a bit rough, so those will be looked into after everything else gets sorted. :slight_smile:


i am like “what the fuck happened” right now

i suggest to make tags appear like the one below instead of the current one

edit: yes


a new system hmmmmmmmmmm?

very well then, i guess i better update the antibiotics

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Tag Notification Settings

With the new changes to the forum, you’ll want to make use of the new notification settings available to you with the addition of tags. This is especially true if you had set custom notifications where Memes or Uncategorized.

The filters can be set from your user preferences.

my eyes what is this

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I do like the idea of combining some categories, but the visual changes are interesting to say the least. They just seem too bright and blocky.

ok tho gotta admit it looks cool with dark reader theme

how is your theme darker then mine
how can you do that

Read this Best Forum Theme?

holy fuckin shit!
my notifications were just killed by tag reposts


this sucks


Final big update (probably) on this subject.

  • Fixed the “all-time” requirements for Regular being lower than the average continuous requirements.

  • Added two new themes (one dark [Vincent] and one light [Simple]).

  • Header now has icons linking to the other 3 SDG sites (main hub, wiki, & Wordpress blog). Would’ve used a generic blog icon instead of the Wordpress logo, but Discourse hasn’t updated to FA5 yet.

  • Changed how categories tags are displayed, since the original fully-colored-block was overwhelming.

  • Added new user fields (Steam link and Twitter link).

  • Got rid of the “Off-topic Lounge” and just made the main “Lounge” category hold those posts. Too much of a nuisance to have it as a sub category since the only other sub category for Lounge is exclusive to Regular’s, and thus not typically seen.


Great handling of content organization thus far. Keep it up staff!

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Vincent best theme.

But what is the difference between sam’s simple theme and light theme? As far as i can tell there isnt any.

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Vincent is great, I agree. :slight_smile:

Sam’s Simple Theme uses the same the Light Scheme for its colors, just like the Light Theme (Vincent uses its own custom dark scheme). All of Sam’s changes have to do with changing how content is displayed, usually being as minimalistic as possible in the process. Changes include:

  • Making avatars fit inside a beveled square, rather than a circle.
  • Lightening the color of certain elements (such as the color tags for categories and sub categories).
  • Changing the way topics are presented when navigating through a category (see attached image).

Most of the changes to the topic list (the bulk of what it modifies) as been changed in the official themes over time, so there’s less differences that when it was first created. It really tries to appeal to those who would prefer a bit more of a traditional design for a forum’s layout. Vincent has the same idea, except it instead provides a much more modern take on forum layout, and works well with mobile.

Additionally, both Sam and Vincent have an additional theme component attached to them that replace the :heart: with a :+1: instead.

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That theme would be good as search light in a police helicopter

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