Reddit Repost on bugs/optimisation

The origional poster is the relativly new redditer Rymarevskiy who posted this post named “some tips”.

It goes over how Unturned is becoming laggy and buggy making him not be able to enjoy the game like he used to.

Here is the post formatted, grammer / language corrected and seperated by me:
Hello Nelson, thank you for the wonderful game! I have play your game for more than 3 years, I have the Gold version of the game and stuff. (I think by “stuff” he means skins).

For many, including me we do not have very powerfull computers and because of this your game can crash, be buggy or not load larger maps. And it’s very sad, because I can not enjoy your game completely :frowning:

With the transition to version 4.0, I hope that the FPS will be better. So that’s what I’m leading to. Some games, especially with large maps, have an environmental download “Chunk” I want you to inject the environment in the game with chunks. (I think he means make it so the maps use a chunck system were only a certain amount of the terrain is shown and the rest is covered by fog)

I’m sure this will have a very good effect on the performance of the game. I hope that you or your team will see this and read it. With great respect - Rymar. Your player from Ukraine. Good luck, with love.

He has a point that the performance in Unturned is quite bad I can run Rust a beautiful game with high definition graphics and alot more advanced models at a solid 60 FPS in dense forests but cant run Unturned in a low poly town at above 50 FPS, this needs some insight @SDGNelson.

OnGUI() (Unity function) may be a culprit.


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