Refillable Shotgun Shells Like 2.0

First off I’m new to the forum, so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong.

My friend has constantly reminded me over the years from us playing Unturned about how much he misses and wished you would have added back refillable shotgun shells. So as a result of that I’ve basically made it my duty to at least attempt to try to bring this up to Nelson.

Since 4.0 is new and still in development I think it makes this a good opportunity, and I would hope Nelson would see this and at least share his opinion on this. It would be greatly appreciated.

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what do you mean by “refillable shotgun shells”? do you mean shell crafting or the unique reloading mechanics of 2.0’s shotguns (compared to the other guns in the game)?

Regardless of whether you mean individual shell reloading or shell crafting, they’re planned (shell crafting at the very least implied, if/when Nelson implements craftable ammunition for all calibers). The former may already be implemented by now.

but can you load multiple different shell types at once yet :thinking:

these are the real questions

Shoots a buckshot shells
Shoots a slug shells
Shoots Dragon’s Breath shells
Variety, Fuck yeah!


"dragon’s breath" ahh the black ops dayss…


Shoots a 5.56 round into your head
doesn’t have to pump
Shoots a 5.56 round into your body
doesn’t have to pump
Shoots a 5.56 round into your limb

Consistency, Fuck yeah!


wastes time acknowledging that he doesn’t have to pump his firearm

what are you, an autist


I thought everyone spends a solid 10 seconds between each shot acknowledging they don’t have to pump a semi-auto rifle.

wait Mr.Klwd are you saying after you shoot a shotgun shell you want to pick up a shell and refill it up with pellets and shoot it again?

There used to be a crafting option in 2.0 where you could fill the shells back up with ammo after you use them so basically like how an empty magazine works, like that but with shells and pellets.

I would hope so for both tbh. The thought of individual shell loading never occurred to me but that would be amazing.

He’s talking about the reloading mechanics of placing individual shells at a time.

post, I think you know what comes next!

ehhh its fine, if it adds ideas or tells someone whats going on, its fine

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hes not talking about that. he is talking about refilling shot shells.

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