Regular only server

How about with the payed servers there is a regular only server for us form Regulars and other community members. Like a holiday resort for those that want to be away from the toxic kids and stuff.


How about no.


assuming everyone who isn’t a regular is toxic?
That’s a circle jerk waiting to happen.


there wouldn’t be enough users to create a sustainable server, i just don’t think there are enough people who would play on such a server.

but if you really do think this is a great idea you can make your own server when the game comes out and broadcast it on the regulars section on the forum (though that may be against the forum rules)

There are 50 regs, plenty of who would happily support it. I think it could work out

I wouldn’t really support such server. I’d prefer we all keep this seclusive thing to private servers for any of your friends or invited people to play in.

Regular is simply a title in this site


sounds like the highly successful regulars only discord server

Shhhhhhh, they don’t know

how about a regular only minecraft server


Lets just instead make a regular only Roblox server! :upside_down_face:

pass me the gun

If it were only current forum regulars allowed in I don’t really see the point, but I could maybe see a reason for exclusive servers, if (1) access to the server weren’t so easy to lose, and (2) there were other ways to get access (like being a curated map maker or a steam forums moderator.) So basically the way demo keys are (or atleast were) given out and kept even if you lost regular status, would be a better way to do exclusive servers. Maybe these servers could be like a community test environment.

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you’re acting as if the regulars aren’t the most toxic people on the site


stop right there buckaroo

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Just make a private/whitelisted server and invite whover you want.

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Exactly ( invite me )

No, I’m using it first

How about no.

  • I’m a Regular that supports the idea of Regular-only servers
  • I’m a Regular that is against the idea of Regular-only servers
  • I’m not a Regular but support Regular-only servers
  • I’m not a Regular and am against Regular-only servers

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  • Something in the poll above
  • Null Option

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