Regular tag discussion (topic split from U4 thread)


Thats what the card says. But you disregarded it and called me dumb. My original reply was enough, plus the fact that it was liked by three people including molt, but I see now that people disregard the regular tag. I guess people only listen to molt and yarr :frowning:.

Many questions about many things that everyone wants to ask

It’s really :rofl:


People don’t have to regard the regular tag. You’re not suddenly super mature and wise, nor a valued part of the community just because you hit Regular.

Also this thread is a great example of why you should always do research before you post here.

The trello has a lot of information, go there instead of being mildly toxic @anonimoanbu


Actually people pay more attention to you, and consider your posts more when you’re a regular. That’s why I hated it so much when I lost mine.


Not really no, its kinda hard to notice the regular tag, its not too different from the background color. The way you actually get respect is by contributing well over and over, no one really looks at the tag and says “wowzers what a great guy” they see 10 of their well put informative replies and say “wowzers what a great guy”


Ha Ha NO

Anyone who is reading the name of the person will see the regular tag, which everyone knows. Also, new people tend to respect you more, because they think you either are A. A mod, or B. Someone who helps out a lot here.

Other people tend to respect you more as well. When I got my regular tag, people took me 100% more serious. And that’s saying something. When I lost it, I realised just how little people actually take your posts seriously if you aren’t a regular. As a regular, half the time you can get away with a simple post suggesting something, otherwise, you get backlash from everyone. So at this point, if people aren’t gonna take me seriously, then I might as well not try.



Anyway, this is getting off topic anyway. You should probably take this to DMs before the mods have to lock it.


@Aj_Gaming When I can’t speak for everyone, but when I first joined all the “regular” title meant to me was these are the people who are first to jump on and tear apart every post I read. After spending some time on the forums, I got know which names and profile pictures belonged to intelligent people, regardless of what titles they may or may not have.

@tehswordninja The argument wasn’t caused by toxic masculinity or whatever you’re thinking. It was caused by miscommunication, because KingFrog when explaining the sources I never gave, for sake of brevity, didn’t gave exact and specific sources for where each piece of information could or couldn’t be found, and which information isn’t directly stated, but can reasonably be inferred, Anonimoanbu having a language barrier to understand KingFrog and Nelson Sexton, and occasionally missing bits of information entirely.

@n3rfcr4zy5 If you think that something is offtopic, flag it or otherwise contact a moderator for them to decide. Besides that, your reply was easily the least on-topic of this whole thread


In an effort to find better ways to keep threads relatively on-topic with the original post’s discussion points, I’ve split this side discussion into its own meta thread separate from the U4 post. (I’d like to avoid shutting down discussions when possible. If you have an opinion about me splitting the threads like this, DM me or make a #site-feedback:forum post.)

It’s a bit awkward for me to have done this with this particular discussion considering the original context and the discussion being had here, but if you guys want to further discuss your feelings on the Regular tag publicly (where relevant, such as here), feel free. There’s been a handful of posts concerning the Regular role in the past, but still feel free to voice your opinions.

I’d like to personally make sure some of the things voiced in the past concerning the role are addressed at some point.


The Regular tag commands a certain amount of respect.


Here’s my explanation of the regular tag to everyone. But let’s use a “metaphor” if you will.

Say the President of the US makes a speech in some random area. Pretty much everyone stops to listen, and take pictures. As well as the news broadcasting it live.

Now say a celebrity does the same thing.

The new will record it, but probably only just mention it on live TV. while most people still stop and listen.

Now say a local leader does the same.

News takes pictures, and posts it on their website. Only around a quarter of the people stay to listen.

Now, think of an average person doing the same.

The news doesn’t bother, people rarely stop to listen, and usually think they are protesting in some way, and nothing really happens.

The president is supposed to equal Nelson in this. People listen to what he says no matter what it is (no offense nelson), and are usually happy with it.

The celebrities, are the site mods.

The local leaders, regulars.

The norms… Everyone else.

The forum basically follows the same structure as society. Here’s another example of sorts.

Nelson, posts a post with only the letter “K” obviously, people will overthink what it means, and like the comment beyond belief. (no offense, right Nelson?)

A staff member does the same. Everyone would think they were joking.

A regular does the same. Everyone asks how they did it.

A new forum user. People report his comment because it’s basically a shitpost.

That’s all I have to say. Toodles.

If anyone has taken any offence from this, I’m sorry.


This doesnt apply though

Molton/Yarr were making high quality posts before they became mods, if anything made more because they didnt have to police the forum, so that part doesn’t really count, as you cant compare them to anyone but their past selves, especially seeing as there is only two of them.

Your analogy doesnt really make sense, because you need leadership skills to become a leader. Dont act like getting the regular tag is hard, it only requires maybe 10 minutes per day to skim a hanful of posts and like some things. People listen to leaders because they have put lots of actual work into becoming a leader. People listen to molton and yarr because they have put lots of actual work into the wiki. People listen to people who frequently make high quality posts, because it takes time to make them. Dont think that regular means you make high quality posts. I certainly dont and somehow I have the tag.

The actual analogy would be going to a public forum (in a government type thing) walking into the room and seeing people arguing, except some of them have hats on. Thats it. You dont need to listen to the people wearing hats, and you dont need to not listen to the people who dont have hats. If you are wearing the hat, it doesnt stop you from saying stupid things, and if you dont have one it doesnt stop you from making good in depth things.

Dont gatekeep, especially when you are setting the bar incredibly low. I also really dont like the slowly increasing circlejerk of when a new person joins the forum, sees a interesting post in the suggested topics section, replies to a week old post and then gets flamed for necroing. And then on the other hand when someone makes a new post thats mildly related to something that has been talked about in the past, people flock to it for the sole reason of linking their old post for those sweet sweet likes and badges. Neither of these encourage good discussion, and also stagnate the forum in its whole, as new people are turned away, and new topics dont really get made. I common reason for this is that “We’ve already suggested everything there is to suggest!” And maybe you have, but alot of it sure isnt in depth.

TL:DR regular doesnt mean too much, dont gatekeep and be nice


That is absolute bs.

I have spent hours some days, liking and commenting most of my day is spent checking this forum. It’s been 5 months since I lost my regular. So don’t give me that bs.

I think it means more than you think.

My analogies may not have been the best, but they are at least partially correct. The people with higher statuses get more attention. It literally says on the regular badge that you get lots more likes than usual

Literally the only thing that gives any sign I’ve been here a long time is my empathetic badge, which only I, Molt, and GHJ have.


Pretty sure this hasnt been changed for this specific discourse, if it has then that will be a learning experience. Not incredibly difficult tbh. Also the empathetic badge is really impressive, if its possible to create new ranks something like that would be interesting, like a super regular, but would probably lead to more gatekeeping


Back in my days at the steam forum, being a regular only means you are an active community member.

Respect and recognition is earned separately.

I think a better comparison is the GTA San Andreas plot


Warning: Brutal honesty alert. Prepare to be offended.

@KingFrog @Aj_Gaming

I just dropped by to say that anyone who knows even half of what they’re doing in this forum never judges you by your tag. They judge you by your actions. And yours, AJ, have had a long and questionable at best history. I’m directly referring to various things, such as your arrogant behaviour, your quantity over quality methodology of contribution, and your excessive placement of value onto extremely trivial and superficial things. I’ve slowly grown sick of this, and with this particular petty debate you’ve pushed me to the point where I need to establish some basic shit.

I can name plenty of non-Regulars right now that would attain far more respect than some of the Regulars here, including more than you. Some non-Regulars do all kinds of things with the community you are not even remotely aware of. Having the tag or not makes virtually zero difference and also doesn’t give you the social power you think you’d have. KingFrog, you also refer to the Regular tag as if people are suddenly supposed to have undivided attention and respect to a Regular, when in reality this is of course not the case.

In regards to your “comparison”, Regulars are still normal users, they’ve just attained a (rather easy to obtain) set of prerequisites that gives them an overarching title. To compare such a mundane thing to being “a local leader” (whatever that even is, since it’s vague af) is almost mockable.

And on this note, you’re basically acting like someone who tries finding bugs in Unturned solely to try getting the Debugger’s Beret. Being as active on the forum as you describe is what people like me do naturally, not because they feel like they absolutely need an extra word after their name to feel special. Don’t be so entitled and arrogant over a trivial thing like the Regular tag, as people who have been around as long as we have will see right through it. And many of said people are not even Regulars, yet they contribute invaluably to the community. To reiterate, the Regular tag is actually relatively easy to obtain and does not bear the value you believe it does.

To quote two very grounded and sensible ways of describing what the tag means,

This has always been true in every medium, from the late /r/unturned to the far reaches of the Steam discussions. Your respect is completely detached from superficial things like a mere title. I don’t usually say stuff like this, but I’ve felt the extreme need to make out some very important points that will hopefully prevent a repeat of this in the future.

Stay civil.


No it really doesn’t. We’ve had multiple cases of regulars in the past (and present) be undeserving of the tag and therefore not see increased amounts of respect.

And why should it? The only time you should receive respect is if you actually post quality posts, have a good attitude, and overall be a good community member.

No one cares for someone who just farmed posts to get to Regular and then makes unfunny posts to keep said regular tag. I’m not naming any names nor directing that towards anyone, btw.


I geuss I still see the regular tag as it used to be, and not by what it really is a tag.

What i said originally which is what caused all of this still applies though.

Just disregard the regular part about it and then you can see I mean.
(Here is where it splits off from the discussion about regulars)
I said some useful info and answered the guy’s question, he ignores what I said, and calls me a dumb liar. Then molt comes and says that is technically right and he listens to molt and stops back talking. (Notice, all info is EXTREMELY generalized). What my original intention for that post was to show how nothing gets done, because people keep bringing up old topics and questions which have already been answered. And the argueing over old ideas only ends with intervention of a moderator.

(Changing the subject)
Should there be a higher level after regular, like experienced for example?


In this case your reaction was fair.

That’s also why I wasn’t so hard on your case, since you actually got prompted by an equally shitty situation to do it.


I go with your point, cuz ever since I got into the forums and even after I got my Regular tag, I was still getting shit from almost everyone. I still do. Nothing really changed regarding how people treated me with and without the tag. So it is what you said… “just a tag”