Regular tag discussion (topic split from U4 thread)


oof gottem


Having a regular tag doesn’t make any of us better than other users. I don’t think it’s about having a super cool tag, it’s about how cool you are in the community. I don’t include myself in this category cuz i don’t think i deserve it
Being a reguler means you are active. Earning respect is a different thing.



Of course… I got the regular tag back after complaining about it…

This is the biggest coincidence since 1832


The top post of #lounge explains recent changes to the Regular requirements. Various people will have immediately lost/gained Regular following them, due to the changes in requirements for reaching it and then maintaining it.

As the trust level is further tweaked, this may happen more.

For non-Regulars, here’s my post:

Some changes have recently been made to the requirements.

According to Nelson not everything in the config is the same as what’s “publicly” displayed (to staff), so there’s a few changes that have yet to be made.

Most of the changes help raise the entry requirements while keeping it more realistic to maintain. (Before, the all-time requirements were basically achieved before the “in last 100 days” requirements. This was due to the size of the forum conflicting with the default values that are assumed for a smaller site.)

These may be tweaked more in the future.


Regular tag =/= maturity or competence. It’s simply a way to know who’s active here.


And it’s barely even representative of who’s active, it’s more of a “who talked and memed once in a while for a few months” tag.


Speaking of that, I’ve considered the possibility of a rename from “Regular” to “Active.” :thinking:


Auggest it to Nelson


I view the regular tag as a sign of recognition and respect since it means you’ve been here quite a while.

With that being said, it seems like almost everyone that comments is a regular, so I’ve been somewhat desensitized to it. And I’ll still go in on a bad argument, regular or not. :wink: