Remembrance Day (Veteran's Day in US)

It is exactly midnight PST, and I would like to take the time today to honor our veterans both alive and fallen, as well as those around the world.

Only the utmost of honor, respect, and remembrance for the great hardships that were endured, every sacrifice made for conflicts around the world and across history, and the deepest of thanks to those who have served our countries, protecting our ways of life. Those who have fallen will never be forgotten.

Lest We Forget


My grand grand father died in World war 1

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I thought it was Armistice Day.

If Iā€™m correct, those are the same thing?

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Yes. They are.

My great uncle served in WW2 - he was killed at a battle for a bridge in Italy, I think. I do know that he was an absolute G, and at the battle he lost a finger and his gun so he grabbed an HMG and resumed firing. Later, the soldiers they were fighting literally began to retreat on bicycles. He chased them into the forest and was shot by a sniper.

i had a great grandfather who was in the german army ww1, he got his leg shot and had to have it cut off because infection, and he had a wood leg