Remove Emoji reactions from the reports (and other concerns)

I am only asking this here, because every time I suggest in the discord, I get spammed by the same people waffling why its “not a big issue” and it never gets seen by the admin team because of it, I know I should be asking in there and not here, but I feel like this is the only way some one on the admin team might see my concern and be able to talk about it.

My point is that if #Discord-meta has no emoji reactions, so why does reports? reports are meant to be the most serious part of the discord and yet people react with clown emojis whenever they don’t agree to a report (usually because the user posting the emoji reaction is a toxic bully)

also there really should be a way to anonymously report certain things, what if some one doxxed some on in a subtle way only certain people would know in the server? reporting it would only reveal to the larger population of the group who its doxxing.

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Yeah seriously. I think it’s also dumb to have input from the entire rest of the server any time you make a report. Seems to me like having a bunch of people randomly having a debate in the middle of your report would distract the moderators from making decisions properly.

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yes exactly

Most of the time it is the same group of people as well, and its never helpful info for the mods, (usually bad faith arguments, logical fallacies, lies or off topic)

we don’ need deus making jokes
deus being deus
on a post that was blatant lgbtq+phobia with 11 people :+1: reacting it in reports

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Admin Gen fixed the permissions not too long ago. It looks like an oversight from whenever the channel as added, as it should’ve been disabled similar to meta.



Suggestion was fixed/implemented. Reactions should be disabled now.