Reputation Variant Weapons

Right so everyone knows reputation in unturned is useless. I mean what does it do other than open up quests?

so i propose a Reputation variant weapons.

For those who have knowledge of strange variant weapons from tf2, these will act the same. I’m thinking of two different kinds of variants. The Positive and the Negative. Both will count how much Negative/Positive you’ve gained and will give your skins or cosmetics with a title. For Example, the negative reputation variant would a weapon a title like “Delightfully Devilish Rainbow Katana” or “Hellish Rainbow Katana”. The Positive reputation Variant would be “Heavenly Red Calling Card” or “Godly Rocket Launcher”.

For weapons with 0 rep gathered it would be called “Negative weapon name” and “Positive Weapon Name”. i also thought if you hit the max rep gathered for a weapon it would be called “Nelsons Weapon name” for positive and “Bensons Weapon Name” for negative.


Reputation should be a thing across servers that’s like a statistic on your account as well. That’d be cool


i dont know, seems useless and a bit silly to me.

btw whos benson?


i wouldn’t say its useless since it had a use, collecting reputation stats. And as for silly that’s kind of the point. I mean who wouldn’t find entertainment from a bean can with the title “ungodly”

nelsons imposter


There’s a lot of “useless” and “silly” things in 3.0, but they are cool and people like them. The same could be true for UII, I’d like to see things like this.


Nah it aint nice for something in the game to affect your cosmetics a better idea would be discounts at certain NPCs or rare weapons obtained from them as gifts

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Rep gives me ability to do quests and is a large trust factor so acc to me ur idea is not necessary

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