What will the future requiremnts be fer U2 and will they ever be 250 or below @SDGNelson


250 what ?

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Current requirements are 1000 hours if I remember correctly, which should be attainable for most dedicated players thus far. I could personally see the requirements being lowered once again, but not for a while. Not sure this is something pinging Nelson over, as it’s a bit of an unwritten rule to try and not needlessly grab his attention when Molt and Yarrrr could far better help you.


Hours my bad

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Okay thank you

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The developer aims to get it as low as possible over time (100 was ‘Promised’, but this may change). At the moment it’s 1250 hours, and you should expect it to go down to 1000 or so later.

Though it doesn’t always mean it lowers after several updates. It decreases the more progress has been done to the game (or if he felt like giving more access). He could put in 10 updates and it hasn’t been lowered yet, or 4 big updates lead to a reduction


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