A lot of thought and consideration has been going into how exp would work and be gained, so I thought I would give my two cents.

A new type of crafting table would be added called a research table. If the players place an item on the table it will be “analyzed,” which destroys the object and gives the player exp based on item rarity.

This table would also allow players to craft things such as syringes, notepads, and other similar instruments. These items can be used to collect exp outside of the base. If you fill a syringe with zombie goo and take it back to the research table you would receive a large boost to exp. Notepads could be used on objects such as scorpion seven notes to get boosts as well.

Other buildings could also be added such as a weather station which generates exp based on windiness /rain!

The main purpose of this change would be making base building more important and make grinding exp more than just mowing down zombies and trees. This combined with books that give exp could greatly enhance the system.

Alternative system

If Nelson does decide to change the exp system to make it so you level up at something by doing it, then the research table could give “universal” exp that can be put into any skill, which would help people who hate mindless grinding gain skills in a more interesting way.

Thanks for reading!

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Whould this exp be only able to be spent on crafting skills or anything?


I think the ability to turn items into xp based off rarity completely destroys the xp system. Ideally it should be doing a task improves your ability to perform that task. This just means you’ll get the most xp for camping a location when it’s raining and for finding good items.

Rarity might be an oversimplification. Perhaps things like chemicals give a lot but other things (like a paddle) would give less. I agree that its fine if you get your exp raised by using the skill but there are a few weaknesses with that plan that this system can help deal with, such as avoiding grinding.

As for the raining mechanism that was merely an idea. Those devices wouldn’t give anywhere near a lot of exp but serve as mainly small little bumps for bases. Again, the most important part about this is that it gives bases a better use instead of just being a “dump your stuff here” kind of location.

I never said that this has to be the fastest way to get a skill raised, just a different way to. If I want to raise my building skill and its either build 50 wood walls to unlock metal walls or do interesting things such as collecting zombie goo and finding notes I would definitely take the second option.

This system is meant to give more options to players, reduce grindiness, and support base building better. It shouldn’t infringe on your playstyle in any way.

In theory you could give this universal exp to any skill group. The main reason for this would be so that if you hate grinding up a certain skill you have options.

Rust blueprint era intensifies

But seriously, I don’t like this system for Unturned.

How does this even make sense?
You’re just literally getting skilled without doing anything.

While it would make sense that things like your metabolism and exercise could improve over time, I have to side with you on this one. Getting XP directly from weather makes little to no sense, perhaps you could get an XP multiplier for doing tasks in bad weather though?

Its under the assumption that your gaining knowledge about the weather patterns, which in this case knowledge = exp. If you were to look at it from a completely “realistic” point of view no it does not make sense. Its main purpose is to strengthen base building.

They could be used as a power source though.(Similar to generators but instead of fuel use wind,sun etc.)

Having the skill system be based on items and XP generating machines makes it kinda pointless IMO. I think the purpose of the skill system is to create progression based on gameplay rather than the loot RNG or occasionally logging on to collect XP from a machine.

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