Respawning idea

What if items and vehicles, instead of just appearing there, could be sort of “dropped out” of portals that appear rarely which lead to the “Turned dimension”. This is inspired by Nelson’s “Excursions into the turned realm” idea.

Would add a little bit of amazement to the game and solve the UPP-001-J mystery. This can be a more simple solution to: how the hell did that get here and why?

Idk. Seems legit.

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The whole point of loot spawns is making it look like it was already there until you found it. It respawns since you’re enclosed in the map and it’s also a multiplayer game, so a finite amount of supplies would be disasterful (unless there’s hella plenty at the start, and even then it would be when those run out).

What’s my point? This could be a funny detail, but it would make little to no sense in UII.

Maybe it could stay as a server side setting among these misc./random features that I’ve suggested once to keep the touch of sillyness in the game, for some servers to not be that serious and realistic.


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