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Since the game has just become a shooter game far from the original concept, I propose character professions to naturally disable certain skills that are unrelated to their job class or at least reduce their skill leveling capabilities so that only specific professions can max skills of one type but not all. This would create a more “Cooperative” interaction among players. Solo players that do not have teams could be aided by NPCs that provide items that would be blocked to them by profession specific blueprints that cannot be obtained by their job choice.

Something that I totally loved about the Kuwait :kuwait::kuwait::kuwait: Map, was the quest to get a unique Armor from which after completion allows the player to craft by himself.

Now please hate me for this idea.


I forget that the professions even exist in-game, it’d make sense for them to do a little bit more though than just alter skill loss for a few things.

Greece is the only map I can remember which had some sort of profession system, although done through NPCs. I remember there being a few different jobs you could choose between although to my knowledge the quests were never fixed so it breaks halfway through.

this sounds mostly great but the problem its that medic would have to become a literal tf2 medic cuz then what would it be as same for some other jobs like constructor and stuff but the idea if was related to a coperative game it would be great