Rewards for gaining reputation with the Coalition and Charge Mechanic:

Charge mechanic
Items with Charge have a limited amount of uses before they run out of power, their charge amounts display next to your HUD.
All items use charge seperately
If you have items which increase your maximum base charge (0 by default), all items will use charge from you instead when out of power.
Charge is displayed as a blue version of your stamina bar.
You can recharge items at generators

LV 1
Dash Boots blueprint + shop unlock

Dash Boots
220 Charge
Consumes 10 charge per dash
Preform a short dash in any direction
Shift + Double Tap W/A/S/D = forwards/strafe/backwards/
Shift + X/Z (when in the air) = downwards dash
Space + Space = upwards dash, can only be preformed 4 times in the air.
All momentum in other directions is canceled and increased in the current direction during a dash.
Absorbs 20 points of fall damage

LV 2
Improved Canteen shop unlock
Canteen Crafting recipe
Mechanic Unlock (repairs your items, 30% bonus durability and -15% wear chance, applies once)

Improved Canteen
Holds 80% water

LV 3
Radar HUD tactical attachment shop unlock
Ultrabright Flashlight shop Unlock + recipe unlock

Radar HUD
Whenever a non-zombie enemy is hit, ping their location on the map for you and your allies to see, enemy may only be pinged once per combat.

Ultrabright Flashlight
100/100 Charge
Consumes 25 charge per use
Partially blind the enemy for 4 seconds, while blinded, accuraccy is reduced by 35% and the enemy cannot aim down sights
20 meter range
Enemy must be facing you to be effective
Cannot be bound to 3-9 slots

LV 4
Overcharge Module shop unlock
Utility Belt bluepint
Supply Drone shop unlock

Overcharge Module
can be attached to any item with charge
Double the items charge but it has a 5% chance of failure on use (unusable for 3 seconds), cannot fail twice in a row

Utility Belt
Gain a third weapons slot, 4x6 inventory, 3rd slot cannot have 2 handed guns

Supply Drone
Send items to an allied player anywhere on the map, 8x6 inventory space, returns once inventory is closed by the player you sent it to. Drone can be shot down and looted.
Allied players can see the drone on the map.


Is this like a literal dash? Like a Tracer blink or a Jett dash? No I dont like that at all.

I thought the charge is electricity, but its for abilities?

Are you also making the Coalition Reputation, replace normal xp and progression in Unturned 3.0? The xp system was already flawed and being replaced in 4.

Also a lot of these unlocks seem amazingly overpowered and great tools for stomping every person that doesn’t have them yet, and makes it easier and better for the people who already have it the easiest and best.

Okay, imagine a close quarters combat encounter, you peek out wide open with your ultra flashlight, and the guy already lost, he peeks and can only pray to kill you.

My last gripe is you’re basically making it a necessity for doing all these quests and gaining reputation to get all these items, because without them you’re useless and dead.
This is killing a lot of play styles by making only one be viable.


Nah, so you really think that you can bunch all things in one theme, add some metaphysical charge and some shity considered items? Charge - whats is that? First of all you speak about electricity charge that displays at your HUD. Where does it come from? Do I need batteries, or is it the power of my soul to recharge them? Then you move to some lvls what is that (x2) it is a skill or craft blueprint or some other metaphysical thing and what is the shop?

And after all this sorts of “magic” you introduce Dash Boots that literally f2c1ng OP item that turn Unturned in some DOOM (I guess everyone remember that it is gonna be SURVIVAL game). Okay, after all maybe the dash can be in this sorts of game (like in Dying Light), but what with those boots is that some alien technology or rockets attached to the boots, or boots with springs, how do you think to put it in game from the setting side? And does it have some kind of cooldown, or can you be as fast as a f4ck boy and spam that shit in there?

Let’s go at second place
an Improved canteen, does it need some “charge” or it just hold 80% water without any restrictions, or I need to say “Сука блеать” and it will work? Nevermind, it’s just works…

Th3 Th1rd^^ :
Really it even sounds awful. To be honest mate it have some pretty bid problem that you dont mind to it is freaking DOESN’T HAVE CHARGE, I mean it is still pretty powerful thing, also we dont know how long can you see your enemy + how it works with my teammates is they have their own CHARGE , did they need this item or this level or they don’t give a shit?

Overcharge module - okay then, it dont have a CHARGE , but it have power to double the CHARGE and finally some stat info

Service belt - for the Allspark, where is the CHARGE? Nah okay, maybe this is the best of it all.

Supply “noCharge” Drone - like an idea - it’s okay, but you know that we play in post apocalypse game and bla bla bla how will this Drone work, you know that there are have to be some satelite and it connect with a drone through a gps okay? If you will take only part of remote control (by radiovaves) it will be admissible.

But why is that still sound like an ideas, not a concepts a lot of assumptions and uncertainties you even dont tryed to fit it into the setting it is too rough and stupid realy mate.
It’s 4uck1ng diabolical.

the dash boots are kinda wierd bro, thats something you see in jetpack joyride, unturned is silly but not that silly.


My first post was terrible, and I got some great constructive criticisms that made me do better with future ones, your first post was also pretty bad, and you got great informative replies, now here you just shitting on some guy for no reason? Why be such an asshole?

Being fair, I wasn’t exactly pleasant here either, but you took it to another level of insolence for Pete’s sake.

I’m guessing this was supposed to be sarcastic but you did a damn pretty awful job of it. Don’t be like that


Not a mod, but i think it goes without saying that you should remain civil here.
No need to shit talk people on their ideas, either ignore it or be polite with your disagreement.


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