Roads in 4

In unturned 3 roads are simple but i think a lot more could be done.
In my last post i talked about a top down city skylines sort of view that would be quick building and marking this with ease, now to touch on roads.

Issues in 3
In three the main problem with free form roads is connecting them and keeping them straight or inline with other objects that have a grid. When you use the “object” roads under level they fit fine on a grid but lack variety and you cannot do things like build overpasses with ramps without things looking janky and out of place.

My idea
In the City builder type view option,(like city skylines or sim city view) you could have the option to grid drag roads, the roads could be “connected” if there node is on the same grid and would form automatically things like intercercetions. There wouldn’t be “level roads” or “environment roads” they would be fully merged, things like sidewalks could be added by clicking a section or sections of road and changing its properties.

I don’t know game dev, this is about being able to change things like road style, width, lanes, acceriories and stuff. The grid should also be changeable in size. Bridges could be formed by changing settings of the road and ect.

This would make things like city’s interesting in terms of roads and overpasses ect.


Isn’t this already possible in 3x?

I think it is -_-

At least, some of it.

No the roads don’t ever connect to each other.
This is why trains can’t ever change tracks in 3.

Yes… they do?

No,it’s hard to make a proper road intersection like a high way exit.

Not… Really.

Not technically, the roads nodes are just placed close to each other so the road that spawns connects. But the game doesn’t recognise any connection and doesn’t do anything special.

Do it with custom objects then

Like anyone can just make a custom object. I have zero knowledge on how to make models ( actually that’s not true I have for school ) but still a road system like in city skylines would be great.


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