S m a s h h


shoutout to ma boi @kvc.6

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Let what happen, him continuing to stare at me? If I saw an unturned character in real life I would think I was dreaming and go back to sleep.

you know whats boutta happen :wink:

Nothing is about to happen. Unturned characters have no gender meaning nothing is going to happen. It it just going to sit there watching u forever.

so nelson is anomaly confrimd ???

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is this @Noobyfish

I might make a religion out of this.

No, don’t.

No that isn’t Nelson. I can tell by one detail…

I’ll hand out tracts at the airport.

He has no hoodie.

No I would rather see god

something something deadly lazer

no one smashes with a hoodie on

Unturned players can’t the bro