Safezone Radiator

I’ve been on plenty of servers in my day, but I have never once seen anybody ever use this item. Does anyone know why people deem this item completely useless?

There’s no reason to use it

Yes, but please give me some reasons at least.

Zombies aren’t hard to kill
Zombies don’t spawn everywhere
Sentries exist
Safezone radiators disable loot spawns

Generally, those are the reasons why nobody uses it in Multiplayer.

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Thank you, I’m looking for ways to improve the reclaiming of lands in 4.x, I just needed to see what the issues were in 3.x concerning the radiator.

I never use it because it doesnt seem to work for me.

Which goes into some of the other reasons people don’t use it:

  1. It needs to be powered constantly.
  2. It has limited range, so at most locations you’ll need several to actually stop spawns in the entire navmesh.
  3. Zombie spawns not disabled can just chase you into your safezoned area.