Salvage skill or related


So I was in a group, they moved base, so I build my own. Now this guy has been bugging me and stealing all my stuff (from my group), so I decided to continue as a loner, in my 100% me build base.

My base is 4x4x4 and has a lot of doors and stuff.

Now the issue is, I need to salvage, every, single, build.
This takes ages. So I’d like to suggest something to speed it up. As I don’t want him breaking in to loot my stuff.

Plus I invited someone I know to start playing with me and every locker and such is locked now.

If there’s a faster way already, please advice.

Use a Dragonfang

That’s what I call a bad suggestion! :exploding_head:

Use a Nykorev

use a hells fury?


Hello, I would like to kindly ask you to refrain from necroposting on old threads. We’d all appreciate it. Have a nice day

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