Salvaged containers could keep their items in them


Having to move crates in your base has always been a pain in the rear ever since the salvaging feature got added to 3.0 (like three years ago maybe?), since most of the time your inventory would be full and everything from that container would fall on the ground. But what if containers kept their items inside of them when salvaged, similarly to a… Minecraft shulker box, let’s say.

However, just being able to keep 10 fully stacked crates in your inventory to save space would be rather unbalanced. So what if, for balance sake, the moment you finished salvaging a container with at least one item in it, you would have it stuck in your hands, until relocated to the desired spot (because it’s a pretty heavy crate/locker after all).

Another solution for balancing this feature out could be only being able to carry around a certain amount of said containers in your inventory (IF they have items in them), so you could maybe carry at most 2 full crates, one full locker and maybe you wouldn’t even be able to do this with a wardrobe or something bigger at all.

Also, you probably shouldn’t be able to store filled containers within other containers.

It’s a weird suggestion, but one that could turn out pretty useful for the survival aspect in general.



If it worked pretty exactly like you said (a la a shulker stuck in your hands) I would be so down for this change, Would make base management so much easier. Maybe you could stack them in your hands at the cost of movement?



Yes. This could also apply to other, for example a generator or fuel tank with fuel.



With a Weight system that would be cool



Yeah, being able to pick up in hands option, for heavy items would be cool, it would keep there stuff in.



An odd way to say “yeah i want to be able to pick up boxes and move them”.

I want it.



I think the storage item being occupied with your hands seem like a more plausible idea.


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