Saving posts manually

For, real, let this be a thing. I want to post my super funny meme or a second suggestion, but guess what? I press this new topic button and…
I have to save my topic in a notepad every single time i want to create another topic.

To prevent spam, we could add a cooldown, like maybe 3 minutes?

This is what would the menu look like if we could save our topics:


Yeah I’v also been thinking about this and it would be a really nice quality of life feature

Personally I would save it in my private messages as a post sent to myself, like a hidden draft

But yeah I can see where you’re coming from


Is that actually possible? Welp, i had the idea of saving it through discobot’s private messages, but did not know i could do that.

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Yeah you can. Molt did that with his Eaglefire mega post too.

The appearance in PMs is similar to an actual post so it should be accurate as a preview before publishing it.

Just make sure you add yourself and no one else in the post like this:

And ignore this warning when about to send.