Scope sway based off exhaustion and heavy breath

currently, we have scope sway, but it is pretty one dimensional. You level up your oxygen skill and scope sway decreases. However, I think it would be a good idea to have scope sway based off ‘exhaustion’, that is after running around / jumping a lot, scope sway and breath is worse for a period of time. This would serve two primary purposes in PVP.

  1. Currently, it is extremely advantageous and powerful to constantly be jumping around and strafing, regardless of whether you see a target, or are just scouting. This scope sway change would work to punish excessive jumping in particular (but also strafing and strafe sprinting to an extent)

  2. Currently, the bipod serves a very niche role in most circumstances. The shallow pool of advantages over the vertical grip (horizontal recoil, hipfire) combined with the fact it basically forces you to dropshot (something you really don’t want to be stuck all the time doing) makes it a pretty poor choice. The addition of this heavy breathing mechanic would make the bipod serve a greater role in reducing scope sway.

now obviously the sway shouldn’t be unbearable, and there could be some skills, medicine (morphine mabye?) and other factors that go into this, but this is just a quick suggestion, not nessesarily a fully fledged idea


I agree. Suffocating to death because you held your breath for too long while scoping in is a pretty stupid way to go.

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I like where this is going

Yeah I doubt they planned it through properly. I also hate how I can just jump around nonstop and dodge bullets. I really like this suggestion.

This idea is great as it also helps counter the stupid jumping method to evade bullets.

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Yeah and the fact that right now scope away is too OP

I never understood why peopole jump to evade bullets, like, all you’re doing is wasting your stamina. You’ll still get hit by a 30-60 damage bodyshot, and still go down relatively quickly. If you want to make your movement more annoying to track for the sniper, crouch occasionally, though I would recommend just sprinting from my experience.

I do agree that jumping isn’t the biggest problem in terms of dodging, but it does help because it can turn a headshot into a arm/ leg shot, and just generally makes it harder to aim at. Although it wastes stamina, in unturned if you have the parkour, cardio and exercise skills, and have decent cover, then this stamina use is very mild, and easy to regenerate. If you are dodging for so long that you would run out of stamina from jumping, you probably need to rethink your cover

Spamming jump makes you speed up to some extent and it doesn’t not slow you down, so it’s incredibly easy to dodge bullets. I’d say this is the biggest problem

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