Scrap cars assembly / car wrecks salvage

Hey, I came up with an idea for Unturned II.
It’s based around vehicles, which are quite valuable transport sources.

My idea’s general purpose is adding fun, engaging tasks and game balance.
Obtaining a fully functional vehicle just sitting out in the open would be extremely hard, while there would be some car wrecks lying around.
So, instead we would turn our attention to the wrecks.

Wrecks, while really damaged, would have a chance of containing some supplies and maybe some components, still functional, required for the car to work. We would be able to salvage these crucial components, and maybe reuse them to craft something useful from them, or even keep them and find a base for a vehicle.

Some wrecks may be in a state good enough to use them for a base of a vehicle, and if we would find enough parts scattered around in car wrecks, we could try to assemble our own vehicle from different parts. We would need special tools for assembling the car, along with some mechanical experience, or some instructions.

The essential components required for car to be functional, with varying properties:
Wheels/tank caterpillars, engine, car battery, gas tank, gasoline.
Other components that would be optional, but very useful:
Car mirrors, windows, car doors, lights (if broken).

But, still, it wouldn’t end here.
If we would have a functional vehicle, we could also adapt it to the harsh, post-apocalyptic world by adding some useful components that usually aren’t seen in regular cars.
We would be able to reinforce our vehicle with all kinds of scrapped stuff (wooden spikes, metal sheets, grills? All with different properties), maybe weaponize it (mounting a rifle, a machine gun, or a cannon?), and maybe decorate it for it to look more menacing/for camouflage (painting/spraying it, flags, impaled skulls?).

In general, we would have an opened range of possibilities. It would also make obtaining a vehicle more fun and engaging. Constructing & upgrading would be time-consuming, but still it would be a process that would pay for itself.

Feel free to tell me what you think about the idea, and if you’d like to see assembling/customizing vehicles in-game.
I appreciate all feedback.


Building your own car using scrap parts would be so cool.

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I would really like to see mounting guns to vehicles.


Imagine an ice cream truck, protected by grills, with a machine gun mounted on top of it, with impaled skulls and cans attached to it with strings.
Wouldn’t that vehicle be amazing to drive with?

I’d prefer an ice cream truck with flamethrowers attached.

Oh the irony


we need car horns that play “la cucaracha”

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It would be nice if the quality of the parts inside the car affects its handling and how it drives. For example if the brakes are in a poor condition then the car would take longer to brake when going at high speeds.


Yep, that’s what I meant. Different parts have different properties and the quality of them would also have a large influence.


I have had this same tought in my head a few times but you have made it so much clearer and better :smiley: thank you!

This would be so cool to have in the game and give you a chanse to personalize your vehicle and give you a chanse to have an very unique vehicle, I wich something like this comes to the game.

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