Scrapping weapons


Being able to field strip a gun like a little option saying “field strip” it’ll show a small animation if the gun is equipped (not anything insane just like releasing the chamber and stuff briefly before hiding the rest below the screen then they unveil the scrapped weapon) it can then be used for parts like if a weapon is damaged and you wanna fix it instead of like in 3.0 you just need a blowtorch and some scrap metal you could use those scrapped parts from a weapon and the weapon quality that the gun had that you scrapped before to get the parts give the weapon you replaced the parts with the same durability that you scrapped now you might say “just take the new weapon problem solved” but what if you scrapped an eagle fire and switched it for a maplestrike that you wanted to keep because why not a maplestrike they use the same parts because they have the same caliber chamber


Would needlessly complicate the system imo, it would be a pain to repair any weapon you’d find.

Also the whole paragraph being a single sentence really makes this hard to read.


I’d say the lack of literally any punctuation makes it harder. This is a contender for the world’s longest run-on sentence.


I’d rather have the same ol’ instant scrap/disconnect parts mechanic thanks

although it’s pretty difficult to interpret the whole point of this post


It could be nice to have a button or something to remove all the attachments on a weapon at once, in 3.X, this option was available by right clicking a weapon in your inventory IIRC, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume 4.X will allow for the same QOL feature in some form or another.


Sorry guys I wasn’t thinking the point I’m making is that it’s not really complicated, all you need to do is get a gun you like more and right click, click “scrap parts” and you got the parts it’s not individual parts it’s one object named like “maplestrike parts” or something, and then you can put em into another gun by right clicking and click “replace parts” and if you have multiple parts you can take the part and drag it onto the gun if they are compatible they will automatically replace the parts