Scrollable scopes

Great Idea right?

Already planned.

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sorry man too late, as Molton said XD

Wait, when did that happen?
I know that a lot of people suggested the ability to zoom in and out while scoped.
But did Nelson confirm this? If so, when?

iirc probably in one of the Forum threads regarding ballistics, item + transparency feedback, and/or a devlog.

EDIT: Correction, GitHub post saying it will probably be added at some point.

Also this one: Magnifier Suggestion. W/ Various other suggestions

I wonder what people using trackpads will do?

Get a mouse. Sorry, but it’s the harsh truth. Though, on most trackpads using two fingers will scroll.

I generally do use a mouse, but I know that people sometimes play Unturned on laptops, (it’ll run on most anything,) and just thought it might be interesting what bindings they’ll use to get around the terrible scrolling on track pads.

Straight-up arrow keys, possibly.

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