SDG Forum Anniversary


:smiley: The forum has been up for a year now! (Technically as of yesterday, but most badges went out today!)

Happy anniversary, peoples who got the badge!

EDIT: @danaby2 get back here you typing man

you are proud 1-year forum goer! no shame


Wooh we did it! I mean I joined Monday but still, Woo


August 1st join date squad where you at


boom boom boom boom :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

some suspicious things came up, however:

pretty normal, innit?



I believe now everyone who joined in august 1st now shows august 2nd (except Nelson’s account)



I think not.


You got the badge same time everyone else did.




i am the anniversary


i have the high ground


Do the first people who joined get cake?


I’m aug 3…



It says Aug 1st for me, weird


tfw you share an anniverasy with the SDG forums


That’s not what this post meant…


sorry I’m late I should be ashamed of myself and will now walk my own plank


what’s with you and planks lately, at the rate you’re going you’ll end up with a death count to rival mao