SDG Forum update – June 12

A couple of days ago, the site experienced a little bit of downtime. This was due to updating all of the site’s plugins. We also upgraded to Discourse 2.3.0.beta11.

New Features

Old unread topics

Topics that are over 90 days old are no longer suggested to users at the bottom of a page. This number is subject to tweaking based on its impact.

Notify users on wiki edits

Users watching topics with a wiki will now be notified when the wiki is edited, even if they are not the original wiki author.

Users can delete their own topics

Users can close their topic if it has no replies. After a certain amount of time, it will automatically delete itself.


Defer topics

You can mark posts as “unread.” Go to your Preferences to enable the ability to defer topics. The option is located in “Interface”. On mobile, when enabled this feature is hidden in the “Topic Controls” drop-down menu at the bottom of the post.

image defer

Improved tag muting

Previously, if a user muted a specific tag they could still have that content show up if the post used multiple tags. Now, a muted tag will never show up in the Latest feed for users, regardless of other tags present.

English locale

There are now two English localizations to choose from. The default is English (United States), but if you want to render dates and times differently you can switch to English instead. This is available from your Preferences.

Duration for ignoring/muting users

When ignoring/muting a user, you can now manually select the specific duration you desire. There’s also a new interface for ignoring/muting people if you do so from your Preferences.

Site Design

Improved polls in oneboxes

Oneboxed polls will now link to the poll, rather than brokenly showing all the poll options in a line.

New group page layout

Rather than be organized in a list, groups are now displayed in boxes. There is a filter at the top of the group page.


Steam Login

Bug fix so that site settings are not only accessed on boot, which meant changes were not reflected until the server was restarted.

Other plugins

Security updates and misc. bug fixes.







yeah this is cool and all but when are you going to add og benson emote.

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or this
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or this


:griefer_zombie_: Send me the current Benson colors. Edit it in, don’t double post you ding-dong.

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ok buddy, answer me.
hit up benson smh why you asking me?
Though you should still add the original image, since its amazing as well.




hell yeah

Why? If someone posts something that has already been answered or they didn’t mean to post, they don’t need to go contact staff to get it deleted, they can just do it them selves.


I’m not a fan of auto-lock or auto-delete. In my eyes the pros outweigh the cons entirely.

I think the Ignore duration should last upto a day at most.

it doesnt auto delete, it just is the 12 hour timer for deleting posts except for topics.

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Nope. That’s wrong.

It’s the same feature, except for topics. Both work exactly the same way. If you delete your post, it doesn’t immediately delete. Both have an 8-hour delay so that people can change their minds. When you withdraw your topic, the text is changed to:

(topic withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 8 hours unless flagged)

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Wait, my understanding is that;

If a topic does not get a reply for a certain amount of time, it will automatically delete itself.

Is this right? If no, pls excuse my rarted

Can I delete other staff members now


No, topic will automatically delete itself if you close it.


Imagine you press the trash button on your comment, but instead you do it on your topic.