SDG Forums sings Primo Victoria, in honor of D-Day

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Nope, as the resident German I can assure you that we also refer to ships as female

Just say no homo smh

@DeusExMachina Bismarck was referred to as “he” by the Captain of the Bismarck, Ernst Lindemann.

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Eh, too lazy to check so I’ll take your word for it.
Still, ships a generally referred to as she. I guess Bismarck was an exception, being the flagship and named after a dude and whatnot.

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To be honest the only person to has ever reffered to the Bismarck as “he” was it’s commander during a speech at the launching ceremony of the ship, he said the ship should be called “he” due to it’s immense power, the problem is:
1-Everybody called the Bismarck “she” even after teh speach
2-Due to the Bismarck sinking on it’s first mission( :sob: whyyyyyyy) we will never know if the commander said that as a “stylish” quote to promote the power of Bismarck or if he was seriously going to call Bismarck “he”

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