/sdg/ historic footage

Fuck was he perma?

No, he’s suspended until Jul 13

Ehh it’s not that long but it’s still bullshit


Yeah, it was just a joke. Stupid, but still just a joke

Damn F for the homie, he should return him this when he gets back::crown:


Wtf I love Turkler now. Pouring one out for the homie.


i guess no one ever told you life was gonna be this way


your jobs a joke, your broke, your love lifes D.O.A
its like your always stuck in second gear- when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year, but

youll keep posting here
(when people start to bore)
youll keep posting here
(to stir that pot some more)
youll keep posting here
(ill entertain so have no fear)

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Eh, it’s reasonable. Posting transphobic memes is just about asking to be suspended.

isn’t that my old PFP in the “I want to cuddle a catgirl” one?
also holy shit these are funny and well edited please make more

he dropped the whole :european_castle:

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who is this “turkler” you guys are talking about? i have never seen nor heard of him in my life


A true legend. He gave his life for our entertainment


silence. there is no such person. move along

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