Separate audio volume levels

I have unknowingly needed this since 3.0 came out and oh boy, has it only now hit me… We still have to turn up/down the volume for everything if we only want a certain sound to be modified. It would be absolutely fantastic if we could switch the audio levels of things separately! Maybe have separate volume sliders for music, zombies/animals, ambiance, vehicles/engines, gunshots/players, impact sounds and, finally, master volume. I am not entirely sure if this was requested before or not, and if it has then I am sorry that I have to repeat this, but getting this option at all (even if only in 4.0) would make life so much easier. You know, for those moments that you turn your volume up to hear the humming of a car better and end up getting jump scared to death when you take a bullet to the head! Not sure how else to end this other than… Nelson pls fix add

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but…that’s not how sound works. at most there should be separate sliders for music, ambiance, and everything else (along with master volume obviously). any further and everything gets fucked. this is why comtacs exist.


Agreed. We should probably just pull a Rust approach where audio options are nice in variety but not too crazy or made in a manner that provides a competitive edge.

e.g: Master Volume, Ambient Volume, Music Volume, SFX Volume

With my example, SFX Volume could, per se, be split up into interface SFX and game SFX, but doing so would allow people to just mute interface sfx and max out game sfx to hear footsteps, shots, and other critical pvp sounds better. That would be unfair.


I think this could be abused a bit since youd be deafening sounds irrelevant experience-wise but not sound pollution-wise, which would result in better notice of lets say footsteps.

For example, imagine a PvP situation where someone starts suppressive fire in order to maybe let others escape. As an enemy, with separate sound controls you’d get rid of the firing sound and detect where the escapists were going.