[serious] Anyone wanna help create a few RP servers? Map devs, plugin devs, models/textures, RM/OM help, NPCs, etc

[Rough Draft, this is an unfinished outline of ideas & concepts]

yknow me I do not like pay to win, or abusive shitty admins. Yet as you can guess, those statements describe every single RP server that exists right now so…

yeah. I wanna go ahead and change that.

TL;DR of what help is needed

  1. Map designers / developers.
  2. Plugin developers. Currently having some assistance from one user? Though they are more than likely not going to straight up make plugins.
  3. Rocket/Openmod plugin setup, configs, player permissions, etc.
  4. Beta testers to fuck around and find oversights
  5. NPC creators
  6. Mod models, textures? etc?
  7. General help, what not. I can run servers efficiently, I can setup MySQL databases for globalBan or SaveLoad or Permissions, etc, but everything else I’ll need help with.

Join here if you want to join the contribution! https://discord.gg/P7MXgHa


  • Autonomous Maintenance / Organic RP / Maximizing Roleplay

  1. We want to reduce the need for admin intervention, or admins at all, to an absolute minimum. By removing staff from the equation of 99% of RP, we can ensure there is no admin abuse.

  2. By removing staff from the equation, there is less “magical sky daddy comes and fixes everything for you” and more “players need to cooperate and roleplay their role accordingly to get things done”.

  3. Generic server-made groups like the Police, as well as player-made groups, could enact “order” (whatever they think order looks like) onto the population through tasers, imprisonment, fines, violent property raids, property seizure, personal item seizure, and killings.

  4. A spawn room underneath the map, where you have to read the rules/info provided by the NPCs, in which the NPC will tell you where a hidden object is, and if you interact with the object, it will teleport you to a new room that has a region that gives you a new permission group that allows you to warp to the main city and begin your RP. This way new players must read the basic rules and therefore more people will be genuinely Roleplaying, while low-effort trolls will never find a way out of spawn.

  • Fair play is fun play

  1. We do not want any items to be a hard-exclusive to a certain group. For example, on some RPs even if you kill a cop and they drop the taser in their loot, you can not pick it up because the item is blacklisted for regular players. While it makes sense that only cops should be able to purchase tasers (at least legally), players should still have ways to obtain such items themselves.

  2. All items used by anyone should be obtainable through legitimate means with player trading, crafting, or purchases from NPCs. No kits or admin-spawned items.

  3. Removal of favoritism by using a system of reporting that has a randomly-selected staff member handle a case. This will also increase average staff activity, as inactive staff that do not tend to tickets would be removed from the staff team.

  4. EMS can revive people quickly, but normal people can revive eachother as well, just much much longer (say 30 seconds compared to 5)

  • Map Design

  1. Maps need to be content-rich, with lots of properties to own, availability for progression, lore, secrets, and of course they need to be engaging.
  2. Engagement. Maps have to be small in order to naturally concentrate players to a more centralized Roleplay location, to increase interaction and Roleplay possibilities. By having a huge map with swathes of useless land, you only increase the average distance between players, and decrease the amount of interaction.
  3. Immersion. Each map has to have era-specific buildings, content, and conveyed ideas. Brooklyn might have a more darker, brutal, city construction aesthetic even shown off with different colored skybox, while something like Feudal RP has a bright sunny day like any other.
  • Raiding Fun and Fair

  1. Offline raiding will not be possible, through the use of the anti-offline-raid plugin.
  2. Raiding will only be possible if one member of the group is online.
  3. If they user goes offline, their builds will be raid-able for another 20 minutes to avoid “raid logging”
  4. Raiding weapons can be purchased from sketchy NPCs, very expensive, end-game items.
  5. Some weapons will be more silent, while others will be more explosive (custom raiding weapons for their era)
  6. Feudal example a black-market of outdated Kingdom Armory Surplus of Balistas or etc that can break down walls.
  7. Modern example, a military surplus dealer that sells items that would be considered harmless legal collectables (like a decommissioned tank without its missile barrel) that can be crafted or upgraded through a quest to become a fully operational tank that CAN raid things.
  • Quality of Life in-game & Discord

  1. Disabling AuthPhysics will save server resources, decrease lag, and 100% remove rubberbanding.
  2. Addition of ACABot to the server Discord to manage tickets, prevent admin abuse in the Discord, sync roles across other servers, player polls & votes, so forth.

- Medieval

– A map amongst two kingdoms. Kingdoms will have huge (nearly) impenetrable wooden/stone walls. The interior consisting of the King’s castle, areas of trade, living quarters of the higher echelons of Feudal society.
(Think of Mount & Blade)

– Already have an existing map in mind design inspiration.

This is a good reference image, however two things. One, this Kingdom uses basic modern buildings like the Pizza shop or Grocer store, which of course is not immersive. Two, I believe the entire composition of buildings needs to be far greater concentrated, like the screenshots shown above.

An ocean of pirates, a few villages where peasants till the fields for grain and harvest the ore from the mine, truly a hotbed for rebellion and uprisings. A few castles garrisoned with knights, levies, and weapons are scattered the land, located in the most strategic geological locations.

– Flintlocks, Arbalests, Long Bows, maybe some alchemy / magic items will be introduced, or even Muskets. Whatever is fun to use will be added. Balance is not an issue because we will balance it manually.

– Tons of patchy medieval clothing choices, knight, king, clergy, nobility, aristocracy, plutocracy, serfs, peasants, bourgeois, and queen clothes will be added among many generic clothes.

– Medieval “vehicles” like horses, makeshift boats, and so on.

– All kinds of business ventures from blacksmithing, fishing, clothesmakers, slave traders, horses, food, house goods, and more bourgeois things like fine foods, clothes, hats

– Perhaps if it is not creative, then there can be le funny system where “prisoners of war” can be “sold” into “slavery”. AKA, they are dragged back to a Town or Castle and taken to the prison, whereby the victor makes a profit and the “slave” is now back at spawn, to begin RP again. That would be interesting.

- Brooklyn-(esque) RP

– City and sprawling suburbia, little to no greenery, truly a hellhole of construction, housing, business, apartments, hotels, and skyscrapers. The only major greenery is found in huge state-sanctioned parks.

Some industry, naval dockyards, beach resorts, and luxury condos border the ocean.

Barrier islands are where the most wealthy of society live their days in absolutely unfathomable luxury, with very little construction, plentiful docks, yachts, steel & glass housing, and borderline indentured servants.

– Iconic raised passenger train platforms

– Suburbia will look more like this

– A crazy idea was that it could be a fictional country that borders Russia and an American puppet state, in which either RU/US could “invade” the map, leading to a complex roleplay situation whereby two superpowers vye for control, while civilians and worker uprisings play as a third faction in the conflict. (It would be interesting to have a ficticious country with a fictional flag, like in DayZ). Though that seems far-fetched now.

- Fallout (kinda least important)

– Well, there is an official map that exists. However the creators forbid anyone from improving it so I’m not sure how we can do anything to the map. Perhaps it would be better if we could make our own medium sized version?
– If we could setup a good economy, then it could be normal RP instead of creative.
– The right fallout weapon packs, what items need to be blacklisted, etc
– I’ve never really played Fallout before at all, but this seems to be a popular suggestion given to me.

Join here if you want to join the contribution! https://discord.gg/P7MXgHa


im so sussy

please help contribute


The Brooklyn one interests me but that’s partly because I just want to make a massive city.

Yeah I always wondered what it would be like to have a true city where skyscrapers line the horizon, instead of just like two (as on washington lol)

you are more than welcome to HELPPPPP



This is both extremely ambitious and extremely ill-informed about the actual realities involved in both content development and server management. I mean no offense to you- as you’ve obviously put quite a good deal of thought and effort into this- but I implore you to take a step back from the brink and consider what this would actually involve. You are asking for an utterly massive amount of custom content and maps- which, on the scale that this project is apparently operating on, would take months of active and rather harried development from quite a substantial dev team.

Obviously, you’re rather invested in this concept, and I don’t want to come off as someone aggressively criticizing something you’ve spent hours on out of spite or personal disdain for your character. Rather, I am speaking to you from a place of concern- although it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of such wildly ambitious projects as these, escaping from the fallout of such ill-fated juggernauts is anything but. I urge you: step back from the brink, and reconsider your goals for this project. At the very least, concentrate your energies on a single map; while the amount of custom content demanded for any one of these concepts is still quite high, at a minimum it will still be a significantly more achievable target than what you currently have planned.


shit I could do

I could create the map and clothes myself if there is nobody to do that. GIMP is more than enough for editing textures, and the map would just require a ton of time. Surely I would have to take a lot of investigating and analysis of existing maps, especially the very well renown ones that have come out lately (that I,bad choice or not, have not played at all).

Also NPCs are not hard at all. Again, I can just analyze existing NPCs in official and workshop maps.

I know how to run a server, I know how to setup a database, I know how to get plugins to work with the database. I know how to setup player permissions, rocket configs, etc.

As for a server economy, I actually know a server that I could almost directly copy price for price, because I think they have a good baseline for what the economy should be like. I’d need to change and tweak things though, as their eco is setup to be pay-to-win, while ours will not.


Regretably with money, there are existing plugins that fulfill 90% of the server-side plugin content required. I’m in a community of coders, and I run a coding Discord, so finding someone who can code a simple ass 1kb Unturned plugin wouldn’t be the most difficult thing in the world, especially if I showed them the libraries, documentation, plugin examples, etc.

custom models

Modeling? I mean, errrr I can always learn blender. I am already familiar with 3D modeling from Computer Art classes and my Graphic & Media Design associates degree. It would take a lot of time to learn and become a master, however, do I really have to be a master to make a bunch of blocky buildings? Nelson already has some tutorial out there on how he goes about making Unturned buildings in the “Unturned way”. I can always go watch that in order to stay with the Unturned vibe.

map/server priority

In terms of priorities, that is difficult. The Medieval map would be easiest to do first, as the most content required is already created. There are plenty of open free-use workshop models of medieval buildings or etc, there is also tons of blacksmithing/medieval weapon mods, it would just require asking for permission.

The most difficult part would be making a ton of clothes, and by difficult I mean it would take a while to make. I have scrubbed through clothes files tons of times before, making the settings for each clothing would be easy like Armor, and I have done quite a bit of pixel art, so making the clothes would be easy too - again, it’d just take a while.

However, I have no intention on making it a normal RP, so I do not have to worry about an economy or anything like that for right now. The only worry is balancing all the items to be fair and not OP (instead of blacklisting them).

Discord bot

The ACABot has been 100% taken up by a CS Major who is currently doing a semester of university. They will create the bot during the Winter after the semester has ended. They’ve already worked on way bigger projects than a Discord bot, this should be easy for them.


I can do a lot of the work except the programming part. This is, assuming nobody wants to help. However I believe one person will give plugin support, and another will give map advice/support.

nobody wants to help

very sad

where the hell did the content creating community go

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Insofar as it was ever there in the first place, people generally don’t tend to be chomping at the bit to sign up for wildly overambitious projects they have zero personal stake in


i’m down to help if money is in the conversation

my rp server was #1 in north america during winter 2019

Very small portion of forum are content creators and even smaller portion is active, and even smaller would do stuff with no incentive.

Commissions channel is fairly active on unturned official discord. If you go through offers channel you will find people to do right about everything about for you.


I could be an administrator if you’re interested

so long as that toxic dues moderator guy is still there, I’m probably never gonna get unbanned so…

sure, perhaps.

I mean the state of the plugin market is horrible, simple medical system plugin is 15$.
Which, seems like an RP plugin must have at this point.

I believe I could do a lot of content creation, as I said with the map or the clothes, given enough time to learn and practice. Models on the other hand, er, legal asset flipping time?

I think I know a person or two I’ve worked with before who already have a ton of mods (example Spyjack) and maybe I can get perms to modify them, to make the weapons balanced for our purposes.

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simple? guy who made it spent a pretty long time on it, comes with a UI, its very far from simple its almost belitting to say it’s simple, it completely renovates the vanilla medical system

$15 is the price of a 4 piece combo that can somewhat feed two people at kfc, i think $15 is fine.

if we want to talk stupidly priced plugins, the discussion lies here: Unturned Store

Duesismaxima is my friend and I know this is four days old but he is very reputable and I know he didn’t ban you for a fact, you’ll have to trust me, and it was probably someone else that banned you so…

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DeuSexMachine is also my best friend and role model because he showed me the path away from substance abuse as well as getting involved in my local community so Im sure rain can find it in his heart to forgive our favorite community member

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derail progress:

also happened to find it while looking for something else


Shocking absolutely no one you conveniently left out the fact that you got unbanned. But yes Deus bad.

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