Server Licensing and Guidelines for communities

About server licensing in Unturned 4.x

I see other games doing something similar system and it may work for Unturned.

Why i am even talking about this is because i see many communities rise up and shut down 1-2 months later. Usually its for the money. The thing that keep annoying me is that these communities keep popping up and close soon after and just to blame it on “i am not bothered to run a server anymore” and just disappear soon after not to be seen anymore. Usually these are PVP servers or Roleplay servers (Like i have anything to say). There are players that spend a lot of their money to keep up the server and dedicate their time to it and do everything to keep it up and just to have the server shutdown.

Having a licensing system and a official server list for Unturned would maybe eliminate these people that is only there for the money (what i think but u may take your reasons to the commenting section) and put the people that wants to run a community, make a nice place for everyone and making content for the community in the spotlight.

But the point is.
Having set community guidelines that represents the Unturned Community as a whole will try to eliminate the Money people that doesn’t give a flying f***

And at least a way to gain funding for keeping up the community. (i am not really encouraging p2w but somehow we need to uphold a community)

give me your thoughts on this in the comments disagree, agree or give suggestions.

Ty for reading - Patrick


yes i think that this is a definite issue in unturned currently and i just wanted to point out another added bonus to a system like this, and that is the reduction of over-saturation of unturned servers. Having a community spread too thin is never a good idea, and this would certainly help reduce that as well as the effects you described

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There’s a post on EULA if you haven’t checked it out yet. Pretty well received in terms of likes and responses (Excluding the fuss deep in the comments)

Unless you meant ‘Community server guidelines’ as something else, cause it involved eliminating p2w content.


lol wtf why should someone need a fucking LICENCE to own a server?


A EULA would be better in terms of server guidelines rather than a License to host.

Either option would require trust and have the same intention, but License would take time to process and distribute to applicants, and would turn off people who just want to host a server temporarily.
Essentially boiling it down to who has a license to host or not.


Thanks Yarrrr, very cool

Actually if anything it will just encourage people who are in the game for profit to buy licensees and make profitable exploitative servers, while people who want fair honest servers will not have the money to do so.

Rented and P2W servers would not decrease, and home-hosted honest servers would die off instantly.

This is because a majority of servers are literally just overpriced rented servers - they’re temporary. Blame the community for being too ignorant to run their own servers like I do.

I agree we should put an end to evil exploitative practices such as pay-to-win. In my post @Yarrrr linked to, I outlined a way of doing such a thing. You should read it.

This is what happens when all people do is rent. When they get unmotivated, they just up and leave. Dedicated hosters like me don’t just run around all willy-nilly changing servers from one game to another. Even though I hardly play Unturned I still host my servers.

Here. On my website I outlined all crappy server practices. Only P2W is the one I’m actively trying to get officially dealt with my Nelson, as the others are way more subjective -


This is due by the Capitalist nature of P2W servers to expand and create more and more, even when more wasn’t exactly necessary. If its profittable, they will create thousands of servers to outnumber the competition. P2W servers clog up the serverlist and make looking for a simple honest server incredibly difficult.

just wanted to point out


Expansion is the goal for most franchises looking to, well, expand their playerbase in basically every game that has server hosting.

Though, the “more when more isn’t necessary” is simply bad practice in capitalism, or even in other fields not related to consumers. Ethically and Financially. These types of servers I assume have a misunderstanding and/or warped view of supply and demand.

Bloated servers, and even vanilla servers, can simply be searched for using the filter search system. Been using it ever since, problem is there are either 0 players on Asian servers, or its Asian but 200 ping somehow.
Your experience may differ.

That is one of the solution for now. However I do hope for a total ban on /tpa and /kits server. :ˆ)


I agree in all your points of the rented servers gets down by a month or two
But do you that I was hosting a server in my old PC and the server was shut down not because I want it to go down
Because the PC of the server it self got stolen when I was away for couple of days
But thankfully I was hosting with the help of @RainOfPain125 and he was able to give me the time of when the PC was shut down by 5 thevies entered our home
And now I got other PC for hosting but still not hosting because as I heard rain said that they are fixing some MySqul database I think it’s called
Back to the topic
From what I see this idea is kinda reminds me of squad but I think this idea can affect the commutiny in a good way
I mean this will wipe the grabge ones and save the good ones

It is somewhat based on like what I’ve seen and heard from the squad and project reality community.

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