Server running a different version of the game

Yesterday I log into a server, and get disconnected saying the server lost my connection so I log back into the server and it says the server is “running a different version of the game, running 30.3.3”. So I quit the game, updated, and re-joined the server.

I had been where I was playing hours before I got “disconnected” (Ii’d walked from the military base to Kivgrad Harbour) and it showed me at the military base, and I’d been killed by zombies before the loading screen went away.

So today I come back, grind for more gear, and it tells me the server is running “”.
I do the same thing I did yesterday, restart the game and spawn back where I was hours ago, and get killed by zombies before the loading screen goes away.

What is this madness?

Unturned servers are very unstable. There is no solution, it’s inconsistent from my experience.
The best thing to do is just to relog, shut down the server, and load it again.
If it happens, relog until it works.

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