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I was wondering about how big servers would be and official vanilla servers. I like a good pvp kits server every once in a while but my main time spent on unturned is in vanilla servers. I run into the problem of joining a fresh vanilla server to only have it die a couple hours later (population) or shut down the next day. Would be nice to join in on a official server and know it will be up and when the next wipe is.

I love France, Germany, and Russia, but even on a 24/24 server I can play for 2 hours and not see a soul. I think Washington is a perfect map for 24/24 population, where you can hide out or run into people, enough to keep me interested.

I have recently been playing rust and love there official servers page being the first page and right in your face when you start up. I also like there volume of players on the map, some going up to 250!
I hate the idea of having to fight the same 24 people on server and like the freedom in rust to run out to the other side of the map to start a new game. BUT I like unturned more and am a true unturneder at heart and do not want unturned to be rust. I do not want a unturned map with 250 people lol. But i feel like having a 24 player cap stops the server from growing or staying populated. With 50-75 players, a team of 5 could leave and the server wouldn’t feel like its empty. I do like some of rusts features that I believe keep there “vanilla survival” community alive.

Any fan of unturned vanilla servers can tell you there is only a handful of vanilla servers alive today and even those are dead. I do not believe it is solely because of a lack of players but because the serves are not being properly advertised. I think if they had official vanilla servers at the forefront of multiplayer page more people would join up. But then again this is a forum for U2 isn’t it.

U2 will be released with a new map and I have no idea the size of the map or how many players will be on it. BUT I hope the map will support a healthy amount of people to where the player doesn’t seem lost playing single player, or overwhelmed in a first person shooting involving them getting shot naked on the beach.

I would love to see a map size of Germany with maybe 50-75 players on the main page telling new players “Hey this a good sample of the base vanilla game”. What do you guys think.


The official servers should solve that problem. And I actually think a system like Minecrafts server list would solve some of your issues. Actually having to put effort into finding a server would increase people’s time to play it. But this system wouldn’t work for a game like unturned. And prehaps a “top” or “popular” server thing would help. Or prehaps more control over serever settings and quality would help. So that way “good” servers would emerge and stay as a top server for a long time. Like hypixel and mineplex for Minecraft.


I definitely prefer large maps, because they’re harder. If you get killed, there’s a punishment for it (way harder to get loot back).

On a medium sized map you spawn immediately back to a military location really close by, and you can just easily find a military gun and go back to shooting people. There’s less incentive to hide and be stealthy, and no point in using guns from farms and stuff because there’s an abundance of military stuff everywhere.

On a map like Russia, coming across another player is way more interesting, because it’s less common to see people. If there were a bunch more slots, servers would just be a complete bloodbath and tedious, repetitive and boring to play, you’d just die all the time.


it would be dope if unturned II has a map that can fit more players

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Comsidering lord nelson said pineridge would be 8x8 kilometers i would expect to see up to 64 players on a server.

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When? Seeing as pineridge has been scrapped and was also a single town I don’t think this is true

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Pineridge likely would of had been 8x8 considering there would also be all kinds of sourrounding areas. I forgot pineridge was scrapped but if pineridge would of been 8x8 kilometers, other maps would likely be too.

O man he scrapped pine-ridge? Did he say what would take its place?

Seeing as Russia is 4x4, your pineridge concept would be 4 times larger than 3.0s russia map in terms of space. Pineridge was supposed to be a temporary test map for the demo, not a full blown map that would take 4 times the effort to make than 3.0s Russia. I don’t remember unreals recommended map size off the top of my head, but I’m sure many years down the road there might be a 8x8 map.


There’s Unturned II servers up with 80 player slots. I’d be surprised if we could get 200 players in a server just as a test. In fact, can we set that up? We should set up a test where we get 200 players inside of a Unturned II server just as a test.

Not right now though, when there’s a proper Unturned II map, we should make a test for a 200 player server.

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