Setting up camps and founding survivor groups in singleplayer


It happens that when i was building some settlements in fallout 4 i thougt “what if i could set up somethinh like a settlement or a place where you can assign npcs in unturned?”
Well i thought about how it could be implemented and i came up with an idea similar to state of decay, for example, meanwhile you are exploring you can come across an npc wich could be in some kind of trouble and if you help him you can recruit him to come with you, after recruiting some npcs and formed a group of survivors you can claim a place with a flag to set up a camp and then you can start building, and you could command the npcs to guard, harvest food or pehaps even accompany you, and sometimes the camps could be attacked by bandits or raiders, and when theres a red moon zombies would attack the camp, and even if you have a walkie talkie the npc could notify you when this happens.
I think this would be a nice addition to singleplayer because it will give you more things to do aside from scavenging, building and surviving.
Also this should be added as a mod.
Please write your opinions and give like if you like :smiley:


Not to say that this is impossible (or a bad suggestion), but it would be a real pain in the ass for nelson.


Yeah thats true, perhaps he would need some help to do something like this

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Would be very interesting and fun. I would really enjoy doing this with the new npcs. But this wouldn’t be a priority right now unfortunately.


Yeah in the long run it could be a possibility


Another settlement needs your help. Here, I’ll mark it on your map.


Well that was expected jej


Due to how Nelson is coding 4.x, if it’s not included in Base game, it can just he modded in. Personally I think it’s a neat idea, but it dosen’t feel like Unturned to me.

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