Setting up transport in fashion

Greetings! I’m trying to make a mod, but couldn’t find the setup instructions .dat! Why there is no complete guide anywhere, because it is inconvenient and stupid…
If a complete guide to .dat really does not exist, then I need help with the following questions:

1)When the character gets into the car, the engine sounds. It’s quiet, but when you start driving, the volume increases. How do I turn off the sound when the car is not driving? I only need the sound of the engine when driving

2)I searched everywhere but I didn’t find how to change the loot that falls out when the car explodes

3)The transport type is set as bicycle. And when it breaks, it first freezes in 1 position for a couple of seconds and only then breaks. How do I disable it?

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Have you checked the official documentation at least?

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Wow. I didn’t know about it)))

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