Ship (Map Sneak Peek #4)


A short while ago I posted a photo of a little NPC location I made (and it kinda looked like shit). So I made a new one, and it looks a whole lot better. Apologies for the blue lines, camera mode does not work for me. Constructive criticism/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


I’m not a fan of the compound usage on the sides and rear of the ship while the front and center are relatively lacking in detail.

Something about the entire ship just looks off, not in a mysterious way, but in a “this isn’t vanilla” way.


Ah yeah, thanks. It’s not finished yet, but I personally don’t like heavily detailed things contrasting with under-detailed either, I will definitely fix that up. Any suggestions for what I should put on the sides and top section? I’m kinda new to making compound objects and stuff, so some further guidance would be greatly appreciated.

(also kinda offtopic but is it ok if i use your clothing mod for NPC’s?)


quick tip.
don’t compound.
it’s a sin.


why not? the ships look bland and boring otherwise. And they have no funnel. but ok, point taken


its laggy, don’t look good and is hard to do


Sure, just don’t use any of the secret ones and we’re good.


hol up what secret ones




ima look in the files