Shoes and Gloves in 4.0

I’m 1000% sure they’re going to be clothing-related buffs.

Who knows really

How do you buff clothing through clothing? You got armor, and you might be able to do some invulnerabilities to fire/acid/etc. Both of those, while useful, wouldn’t be worth mentioning when introducing a new concept, especially on boots and gloves where armor would make less sense than usually. :thinking:

Will probably see clothing/weapons that reduce movement speed, or gloves that increase punch strength. Boots that increase movement speed would be expected under this same logic, but is probably one of attributes people would dislike seeing on shoes. :thinking:

But yeah,

(EDIT: tbh, actually don’t even know what your comment I replied to was supposed to mean anymore, after rereading it.)


I posted this idea before on Reddit relating to benefits

but I’m sad


o nice

Never noticed this I’m a afraid

How about spawning with NO Clothing? It’s more fun that way.

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I believe spawning with default clothing would be good, gameplay-wise.
It can be the shittiest clothing ever. Like Khaki short, white shirt. Basic gloves and basic shoes.

Would be decent, non-exploitable, provides that little help for people who spawn away from cloth spawns.

or just shorts

Just shorts looks good to me, it makes me feel like I was lost in the forest and was created by wolfs

I was lost in the forest and was created by wolfs

I-I don’t think that’s how that works…

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I don’t think that’s how anything works, honestly

thereat players go stop of using militar clothes and go focus in other thing other “styles of play” not bad idea! a vestment with give very armor is very slow a less armor is fast. Oh! a balanceament of the game!

You gotta add dem timbs man

Flippers-Faster swim speed by 20%
Wetsuit gloves- Increased melee underwater.

As much as Iove attention to my posts, this has been inactive for 5 months. Please don’t necropost. This is essentially a complete addition since Nelson is adding them and there’s little reason to suggest something that he’s already planned out.

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