Shootable Explosives

such things as gas cans, propane tanks, and other explosive devices would explode into a fiery puddle with there being area damage.

The good thing about this would be maybe you could Yeet (throw) the explosive or place it down and shoot it once you far enough or once your target is there. Maybe even hue propane tanks could explode and be used as a distraction, there is much things that this can Be used for


If you don’t understand then telll me I’ll elaborate as much as I can

I get it, kind of like gas cans in L4D or fuel tanks in GTA V

Can’t really say I’m a fan of the implementation itself.

Fuel tanks aren’t going to go off from any bullet. You need like AP-I, AP-T, or other incendiary payloads. (An edit as that isn’t even true) A normal 5.56 round will add a hole which will then leak, no explosion.

Like the flamethrower I made with some friends. You can shoot hat tank and it would just leak. No explosions or anything.


Gas cans can’t explode by being hit by a normal bullet. It’ll probably only leak fuel or catch the can on fire in the case of using incendiary bullets against the gas can.

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Shooting a fuel tank will not only make it leak, it is highly likely it will burst into a big flame or explode. Bullets hitting those surfaces likely create sparks which ignite the fuel.

Sparks are not a reliable source of ignition for gasoline. It’s the heat of the bullet that is more likely to cause an ignition, but most bullets wouldn’t be hot enough to do so. Tracer ammunition would be better, but not substantially so.

Explosions require the right fuel/air mixture, and really aren’t something you’d realistically get out of shooting fuel tanks / gas cans in real life. I’d say that it’d make more sense to argue for the gameplay implications as opposed to realism.


This would be great againist veichles

This, tbh.

Let me tell you about the fire triangle.

Heat, fuel, and oxygen. Without any of those three, there will be no fire.

A fuel tank, even a partially filled one, does not have close to enough oxygen to cause an explosion. You think it’s highly likely because of movies and video games but in reality, fuel tanks aren’t very explosive. Normal ball ammunition do not make enough sparks to ignite fuel.


Technically even one spark can be enough to ignite fuel (although to be fair it wouldn’t do so reliably especially with more stable varieties of fuel)

That aside the ammount of sparks will vary based on what “normal ball ammo” you’re using and what you’re hitting and how you’re hitting it. 5.45 ball ammo tumbling into a steel gas tank could cause far more sparks to fly than 5.56 ball ammo flying right through a plastic jerry can.

Even then, if you hit the center of the tank the sparks will go into that fuel and extinguish before they can do anything.

The sparks have low thermal mass and will cool down very quickly and without oxygen, won’t ignite fuel. Assuming all of the air in the fuel tank was used, you might get enough explosive force to pop the welds on the tank.

Like believe it or not, if you drop a match into a open fuel barrel, there’s a very very high chance that the fuel will actually extinguish the match.

Fuel is only really explosive if it’s aerosolized, a gas tank is not where aerosolized fuel is. So even with the sparks that bullets make, the absolute worst case scenario is the fuel leaks and then catches fire on the ground.


Whatever happened to gameplay > realism. Who cares if this isn’t how it actually works, it would be a super fun way to set traps, lure zombies, or just improve the game by adding another aspect to pvp. Maybe you can’t get a good shot on the guy so you hit the fuel tank next to them. I’d like to remind everyone that we are talking about a game that will potentially include extra-dimensional zombies but the weird part we can’t seem to get past is that gas cans don’t ignite when shot irl.


Agreed, that’s my sense of thought. Idk why people are arguing over the realism, if this game was gonna be full realism then it would have all the aspects of realism which surely it will have a little but not a lot

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I also don’t really like it as a gameplay component, but I can understand it being as one.

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When you shoot at the fuel tank you are leaving open holes which makes fuel leave from the tank. If there is even a slightest spark from shooting at the surface even after holes were made the gas would completely ignite.

I dont know where you get your information from but with your match example, gas would never extinguish a lit match.
And the “fire triangle” is no big wisdom. It is basic information pretty much everyone knows.

Fuel tanks arent very explosive? Chairs, bricks, glass isnt very explosive. Video games dont teach you basic science. Fuel tanks are explosive and can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

He is talking about fuel and by that he means liquid gasoline. Match will be just drowned out by the liquid. It needs oxygen to burn. Gasoline fumes will catch fire but those do not form right away.


Also about this:

When you shoot at the fuel tank you are leaving open holes which makes fuel leave from the tank. If there is even a slightest spark from shooting at the surface even after holes were made the gas would completely ignite.

You might find this interesting (at least I did), even tracer ammo doesn’t ignite a full propane tank

Going over gameplay > realism I think that having every source of fuel be just source of explosion waiting for you to set it off with any gun and any ammo is not a good idea. I don’t think dumbing down fuels to being just shock reactive explosive is a good idea. I think there should be at least little intricacy to it, make us need to have a lighter or something before we can blow everything up. This is not pure action game where everything needs to be packed to brim with explosions. I believe a good balance to this is incendiary ammo which is able to ignite things and from gameplay perspective could be a rare thing you could find. I don’t think allowing freshspawns with small caliber handgun to blow surroundings is a good idea.


No, it can’t. There isn’t enough oxygen.

Oh, and yes gasoline will extinguish a match. I have found multiple sources that say this.

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3 (It does eventually ignite, but the point still stands, it extinguished multiple matches.)

I don’t know where you get your information from, but I don’t make up everything I say. You say the fire triangle is no big wisdom yet you fail to apply it. Fuel isn’t ready to combust, fuel-air mixtures are. That’s what carburetors are for in cars, they make the fuel air ratio so the injected fuel in the cylinders can actually completely burn.

And to continue in the topic of if it should be ingame, I don’t think it should. Survival games should be balanced, and this isn’t balanced. For games like Far Cry 5, sure, it would be fun. For a survival game, it would turn vehicle combat into pixel hunting, and then fresh spawns with a pistol and a few rounds will be able to completely destroy a vehicle with ease, or just random chance. With how vehicles in UII will probably be, being able to destroy so much hard work and effort in just one swipe is just bad dynamics.

This is the pitfall of bottom-up game design. People make mechanics that are fun to make/think about, but actually make really bad gameplay. I guarantee you that was how malaria made it into Far Cry 2, it was brought in because it was a cool mechanic, not that it actually added anything to the game. Hell, it made the game a lot worse.


Maybe instead of having single pixel wide gaps in vehicles’ gas tanks to be shot through, simply don’t have any gaps that pistols can shoot through to the gas tank?

I just think using small caliber guns to explode fuel tanks is not a good idea.

Even with, for example, gas stations, geared players go up to fill their vehicle and someone shoots a propane tank/pumps to explode them all instantly… doesn’t seem like much fun. I just don’t think having fuel exploding from just being shot at with guns is good. Explosives sure, but bullets? I don’t think that has a place in a survival game.