Shortfilm discord

Hello everyone, first post on the forums. :smiley: In relation to the recent short film contest (Congratulations to luck shot, was an excellent film, my favorite.), I’ve created a short-film discord for my team primarily but anyone is welcome to join, chat or apply for it. There is also a section for collaboration and sharing your own creations., hope I’ll see some of you there!

If anyone else has a discord for their youtube or twitch channel they would like to post there feel free to do so.
Please note discord is a slight work in progress.

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bruh what winner

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Didn’t the lucky shot win the most points? Ah I see my mistake, my favorite. God I feel stupid, edited that.

apologies lol terribly sorry.

No need to double post, use the edit feature. Also, Welcome to the community, even though your first post is an advertisement :unamused:


Can you just the hull hello or welcome to the forums😡
To him

Well apologies if this is considered an advertisement it was more of community effort to me and I wanted to share it and regarding double posting, its more of a bad habit.

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