Should config.json be configurable for server owners the way it's configurable in 3.0?

In 3.0, server owners are able to edit almost everything about their servers. They can edit spawn rates, vehicle limits, respawn times, etc. The problem with this was it gave way too much freedom to players to blatantly beef up the point of the game and present game styles that aren’t too pleasant but are played. The issue with 3.0 is how “OP Kit 2000x loot” servers are doing so well is because players at first-time-playing will go “Hmm, this is my first time so I want to go straight into the action” and play on those servers, thus probably never seeing how good Unturned’s actual survival aspect is in general when they see that the medium difficulty, vanilla servers are not nearly as popular.

Personally, I think that config.json should only have serverlist customization. You shouldn’t be able to directly edit every tiny little thing - that should be locked behind the Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties.

In fact, you can argue that those difficulties should be removed or revamped to something like “Normal”, which would be like current day Medium and “Hardcore”, which would be current day Hardcore, but you know, actually a bit harder.

  • Unturned II should have Config.json exactly like it is in 3.0
  • Unturned II should have a smaller Config.json, just only with serverlist customization and toggling between difficulties.
  • Unturned II shouldn’t have it at all.

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Nelson said in the interview that he would ‘not attempt to control servers and server owners’ this likely means server configs may still be just as alterable.

If new players only want to play on these opkits servers, it is likely that they probably wouldn’t stick around with unturned without these servers. I think it is nessesary that some servers have these features.

With the new official servers in unturned II i dont think this will be a problem at all. New players would likely start by playing on the official servers.

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I don’t like that you’re basically proposing forced limitations on servers.

It’s up to how the community wants it and it should stay that way - if anything, the freedom will be even greater than in 3.0 with the advent of RCON and all sorts of internal mechanics like servers being able to apply stat multipliers directly to players on the fly.

(Don’t forget custom game modes)

people will find a way, even if the config is restricted (which i don’t think it should be) someone will mod the game to change those values anyway.
i don’t think there is much we can do except having a more survival oriented community, and that won’t happen unless the game accommodates that change

I think the owner of the server should be able to easily edit there own server.

My only issue for it is how people completely manipulated their server to not be nothing like the point of Unturned.

I’m concerned if Nelson will be able to maintain the “survival” aspect with 2000x loot servers still being a possibility.

Well I think the biggest problem with 3.0 was that the vanilla servers started to die out at a point in time and then the servers started to shut down due to the lack of players playing on them, sinc there will be official servers in 4.0 and the game is acctualy going to have good survival mechanics people are most likely going to play on them, but thats just a theory

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