Should have a "tick" for comments with the most related answer (or favor the most)

I have taken this idea from steam discussion.

But instead of just the creator ticking what’s favor or answered his/her question/thread.

The comment with most likes would also counts (so we don’t have to scroll an entire chat log to look up which comment is the most favorable to the masses)

Pee.est I accidently put this in the wrong subforum, thanks molt.


That could allow people to directly find a solution/answer to a question (if it got resolved) without having to look at every post. Quite effective for such a small addition, hope something like that can be implemented here.

This would only be useful if the 3.x and 4.x categories got subcategories, so that there’d be a specific category for people asking questions (where the above would take effect). Would work rather poorly for every other type of post.

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I’m recommending the usage of

(For documentation on installation:

It’s an official plugin; may as well use it (and the spoiler plugin should be added whenever this does).

As of how threads are catagorized now. I don’t think that it would effected about adding “ticks” on the most favorable answer for that thread in a bad way. (I think “maybe” you can choose to look at the best answer. Like a summary.)

But again. You “can” make a subforums for 3.0 and 4.0 (I don’t know how or why it only effected my suggestion in a good way.) But that would caused more of a nightmare to look at.

And since people like to suggested something and asking something in both 3.0 and 4.0 I don’t think subforums for “3.0 questions” “3.0 suggestions” “3.0 memes” would be hell for people to watch (But I do admit. Would keep the forum tidy)

TL:DR How is that related?

So it’s already existed.
Kinda rusted my jimmies on that you have to seperately download it. And not as in forum’s feature. Again, won’t budge if it’s caused more lagness.

You’re thinking of sticky-ing topics, not a “best answer.”

I’d agree that it’d only be useful for Q/A type of things, yes. The official plugin supports the feature on a per-category basis, so, yes, it would be better to have subcategories for things like that first.

I do admit that about 95% of the main usage for this feature would indeed for the Q&A.

But. What I also have in mind is that in a case of a suggestion. The most liked idea (in which I assume will be the most in favor) would also be “ticked” so we don’t have to scroll an entire paragraph (or essay) to look for the best answer.

(I was thinking about 1 tick is from the OP, and another is for the most liked comments. Both should be configurable to be public or not like how you make a poll, but with no polls.) But obviously this is not the main point for it. Still.

As for the subforum. I’d agreed if it’s gonna be organized like how “site feetback” subforums were made.

I considered this too when thinking of uses for this. However, the Forum already creates “Summaries” for long posts, and does so using the replies that have the most likes/hearts given to them.