Should singleplayer allow friends to drop in/drop out?

Like a minecraft singleplayer save were a friend can drop in to help you out, they dont have access to the save without you.

  • Singleplayer should be singleplayer only and playing with friends should be handled by listen servers and dedicated servers only.
  • Singleplayer should allow dropping in/out even if we have listen servers and dedicated servers.
  • Wait what?

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Like lan worlds? I think that’s going to be added since it was possible in 3.0


I don’t understand exactly … Are you talking about sending saves to friends, like in minecraft where we can take a world and send files to a friend?

Yes, I’m pretty sure the term is “co-op.”

Singleplayer should be singleplayer only. It would be disruptive if a person who just happens to be in your friend list suddenly pops in your world.
Keyword is single.

Multiplayer mode already exists, and I hope peer-to-peer connections will be implemented.


yeah but like, turning your world into a lan world should be a thing in II it already is in 3.0

The thing about Minecraft is that even if you make a singleplayer world, it is still a multiplayer server. Unless you click a button, which would make it multiplayer, singleplayer should be its own thing.

This is sort of like the way Terraria Host & Play worlds function.
You can allow or disallow friends of friends, make it invite only, etc.
I personally think that this should be a setting when opening a singleplayer world so that it doesn’t get annoying or disruptive.

How does Unturned associate with Minecraft or Terraria, when there are little features to relate to them for SP world sharing to sound possible. Not referring to anyone here specifically, I just wonder why people bring up Minecraft for ideas.

*Should allow dropping in/out even if we have listen servers and dedicated servers if enabled

No, i simple mean a friend can join your singleplayer world, when he/she leaves they dont have a save or a copy of your world its just your save still.

Not world sharing just drop in by getting an invite, after you leave thats it.

Also i only used minecraft as an example because it has the feature im talking about.

So does state of decay 2, its a singleplayer game but people can drop in to help you out if you invite them.

Yeah no, not how this works.
Option for one-click-P2P/listen servers, sure.
Only options you should have on those would be friendly-fire, the rest of the settings are used as-is from the SP save.

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