Should U4 have an official lore?

So the U3 lore is a bit unclear. Nelson hasn’t really ever disclosed or commented on this lore, so the only sources we can find regarding the lore are UnOfficial. The next problem is that there are a lot of gaps, plot holes, and other issues which become especially apparent when you consider the fact that the lore is spread across multiple Official and curated maps. Plus, to make finding out the lore even more difficult, you have to read tons of notes, do all the quests, and then you still need to read between the lines.

In my opinion U4 should have a much bigger quest line system, as well as a more immersive lore, plus an actual story and explanation for what happened to the world we are surviving in.


I kind of like how you dont know a lot , i mean zombies came out of nowhere important people that knew what was happening either died or are in a remote location , not a lot of people would know what happen and those that would claim they know could be full of shit and nelson has a million things to do before that .
Personally i would like it to be cryptic but more detaliated so there wont be so many gaps and plot holes

I personally feel as though the “you simply don’t know a lot” cliche is just lazy

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I dont know why you think that , if you were in a situation like that there would be mass panic on a next level and as i said everyone that would know anything would most likely be someone important and so the guverment would try to keep them safe and away from zombie hotspots so you couldnt rly get a lot of information by just asking around

u3 lore sucks
UII lore should be more than just notes and vague questlines and stuff


Like Fallout (never actually played their games) does some good lore surrounding the different factions/groups and they’re all pretty distinct in their motives, positives, negatives, and etc.

I’d like to see some factions in U4, maybe one big authoritarian, more powerful faction with shady business and corruption, while theres a smaller resistance group seizing the opportunity of chaos in the apocalypse to expand their righteous, moral cause for the peoples. Lots of undertones and stuff like that.


This has been asked for a million times.

I don’t usually say that, but I’m tired and pissed off and I don’t feel like being the nice fucking guy right now.


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This topic has indeed been brought up before but it isn’t one that is brought up constantly so I personally don’t feel bad discussing it.

For II I’m hoping we get a variety of various factions, lore tidbits, etc. I’d like if we had more than just notes; npcs talking to the player, terminals, computers, etc should all be sources of lore as well.


Na i see no reason for any lore, maybe its just me but i personally prefered it with a more grounded realistic but vague explanation that being that scorpion 7 was some kind of top secret military organization that just developed a biological weapon that went out of control

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Agree, honestly. I don’t think the lore in 3 really adds anything to the experience, and I’m personally not a fan of non gameplay items in multiplayer. I wouldn’t really care if it was singleplayer only, since people for some reason play that, but in multiplayer I think it’s more of an annoyance and doesn’t really suit the game.

U3 just is not immersive enough for me. There actually are no servers that offer a genuine interesting and hardcore experience, and without lore it just feels like an arcade game.

I mean do ya need anymore explanation then that basic premise maybe delving into the specifics and fleshing it out sure but overall the game isnt very story focused

Perhaps… I’ll perhaps develop a lore that makes sense.

Here’s an idea of what I’d like to see in Unturned II lore:

Firstly, introduce a Scorpion-7 type organization that serves as an explanation as to why the Turned just started entering the primary gameplay dimension. Perhaps they or their locations are somehow connected to the Excursions gameplay mechanic. Other branches of this organization or organizations that it cooperates with could exist in maps set outside of Canada. Perhaps suspicions and competition between the “Western” organization(s) and their Russian and Chinese counterparts led to the reckless haste that caused the apocalypse.
Having these organizations that are directly cooperating and/or competing with eachother could help explain why there are certain similarities between endgame content of maps set in different countries.

Perhaps the Coalition had at one point placed to much of an emphasis on extracting survivors, which had allowed the infection to spread (either because this diverted resources from combating the Turned, or because the infection was carried along with the refugees.) This could cause the Coalition to place more emphasis on containing and combating the Turned, and less emphasis on rescuing, supplying, housing, protecting, etc. the survivors, which would encourage survivors to create smuggling networks to get supplies and people in and out of quarantined areas.
The quest lines of some maps might have both factions play equally moral roles, but on others you could cooperate with the Coalition and find the smugglers to be dangerous nuisances who transport contaminants and even steal resources, but on other maps the Coalition could be almost totally focused on containing and eradicating the infection and the smugglers would be doing what they can to keep survivors from becoming collateral damage, but on other maps either or both factions would be completely absent.


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