Shrink Syringe™

Here at the Scorpion-7 labs, we’re always thinking of news ways to make survival of the apocalypse easier. So with about a year of research, we’ve created an injected drug which will shrink pretty much any breathing creature it is injected into.

The drug works very simply: when it is injected into your bloodstream, it modifies your genetic code to shrink you. Shrink Syringe™ may take up to 3 days to take full effect.

By shrinking survivors of the epidemic, we can eliminate hunger so it is easier to regrow society.

Very rare cases of heart attacks have been documented. Do not take Shrink Syringe™ if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Ask your local Scorpion-7 facility if the Shrink Syringe™ is right for you.


I must ask…
How will one protect themself?

I must ask…
How does one obtain said ingredients?

Finally 1000% legit evidence Vaccines cause autism

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Mmmmm, what a tasty snack. Could I have a bite?