Sidekiq Issues [resolved]

Merging all relevant issues into this topic while the problem is being tracked and eventually resolved.


  • Missing notifications
  • Missing emails (this includes sign-up confirmations)
  • “Stat” and “Latest” pages not updating
  • Image lightboxing, and internal link oneboxing, isn’t occurring
  • Yearly Reviews must be manually executed
  • Badges not distributing
  • Trust levels not updating
  • Retracted posts aren’t automatically deleted

I have a feeling that the users page doesn’t update any more. (likes, days visited etc.)

has this been changed?

Unrelated but what the hell is your profile picture (as in the animal)

It’s a skydragonfire05, a very rare creature.

It’s a white salamander.

Apparently not, noticed that too recently (like 2 weeks ago or maybe a bit more), the actual stats do update in your profile as usual but not in the ‘‘Users’’ page.

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Agreed. I’ll look into this issue.


Ah that it! I was really curious since it looked nothing like a dragon and a little more like a mushroom or lizard type thing. Also I am happy to see you are quoting me :slight_smile:

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In the old days, when someone quoted a message that I posted on some topic, it usually notified me, but it doesn’t happen anymore.
The biggest problem is that now I am having to go into all the topics I posted something to see if anyone answered me or quoted something I said.

I’ve been looking for if there have been any updates that have removed this or something, but haven’t found it.

Is this a bug?

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You should at least have your profile picture on the top right corner of the website.try clicking there to see if people pinged you etc… if it doesn’t show anything maybe check your settings(there might be something there that can help you).

This also happened to me, I don’t know why.

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So, I used to see a number in this picture, today it doesn’t appear anymore.
When I get likes it still appears, but not when someone quotes me it no longer appears.

I’ll look into the issue.


Currently pinned for a month.

Pretty self explanatory. Whenever I load into the forums on mobile, the home page shows topics from weeks ago instead of topics that are actively being discussed.


Didn’t pay attention to that, probably because I only use the ‘‘latest’’ page all the time :slight_smile_zombie_:

I think I know what you’re referring to. My current workaround suggestion is to do what Oyamat does, and on mobile just view the Latest tab instead of the Categories tab.


Bro just use desktop, it ain’t that hard.

you’re right I’ll just bring my entire setup to school every day of the week just to check the forums for a few minutes when I’m bored in class. Thanks bro


you could just take a laptop and use it while on a treadmill like a normal human


thats soo boomer