Silencer Suggestions

Silencers in unturned work far differently than silencers in the real world. Many people suggest increasing the durability but that is just cutting corners. Instead, the suppressor should gain heat with every shot and cool over time. If it reaches a high temperature, then and only then, it starts to degrade. Also, due to the increased back pressure, recoil should increase slightly.


I can’t tell if this is a suggestion for Unturned or Unturned II.

Also, why on earth is your email address in the post

Unturned 2. Couldn’t find the category for some reason. No clue why my gmail showed up. Thanks for pointing it out.

I also hope suppressors will be louder because it ain’t realistic at all, it is basically made so the guy with the gun don’t blow its ears each shots .
However guns that shot bullets at subsonic speed should be more silenced


It would be nice to see those changes to not only Unturned II but to normal Unturned too :stuck_out_tongue:

Dreaming is for free.

(No offenses nor harsh feelings though).

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