"Simulating eyes"

In resume, leave a dark place and come to a place with light turn the light more “violent” for a period of time and the oposite happen to. Like a gamma ever changing or like your eye iris.

Will work to any light in game and is good because disturb gama hacks, and its really cool to explore.

Well that is my argument!


Making the light spammer 200% more devastating.

All jokes aside. It’s one of those thing that is nice to have as a minor detail, yet not that important.


So essentially HDR?


No, I hate this idea

This was a little hard to read, but yeah, some eye adjustment would be cool.

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HDR is fine as long as we can turn it off.

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Also simulate blinking with a black frame every few seconds.

Jokes aside it would be nice to have this aslong as it is not that big and being adjusted to the dark should fade away while in light. Also all lights would have to be made less bright when you are adjusted to the dark so that you wont be blinded when you see someones flashlight.

Naw, you should be blinded for a couple seconds, sorta like how when you come out of a dark tunnel and it’s super bright outside. It shouldn’t change just because people don’t want someone to use a flashlight to their advantage.

Side note, the only difference really is that you was would have enough time to adjust to the light as the light would light up a bit of the tunnel, though everything dark would get darker again.

(side note that makes more sense, eyes will get adjusted to the light reflecting from the beam of light, so unless it gets turned on directly pointing at your face, you should be fine.)

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This suggestion would make it so you don’t need a flashlight as badly in the dark, (because your eyes would adjust to some degree,) and make so turning on/off lights is more blinding (because it takes time to adjust to them.) I don’t really feel strongly about whether or not this is done, so long as fire lights have a gentler, more realistic transition when they’re being kindled and doused than the 3.X campfire, and so long as the flashier lights are kept to a correspondingly higher tier.

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I think more of it would just make it so you could just barely see whats there. still extremely difficult to see, but not pitch black.

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