Singleplayer "survival mode"

It would be nice to have a singleplayer only survival mode that is focused on long-term survival and PVE, differences to multiplayer would be, player needs to sleep, actions like building and repairing weapons takes up time but are sped up, no loot respawn forcing you to be more sustainable if you want to survive for long periods of time. In survival it should also be possible to clear all the zombies from a town and have the town be safe for a while until the zombies respawn.


Technically this is planned, so yeah.

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Some comparisons to other games besides Unturned (II? 3.X?) multiplayer would probably have helped clarify what you envisioned of this single player gamemode. What I’m assuming you mean is gameplay that’s more like (vanilla/lightly-modded) Don’t Starve Together or Minecraft survival, where instead of farming spawn nodes that give you equal chances whenever you join the server you’re setting up farms and trying not to destroy all the resources on the map. If my assumption is correct, I don’t see why it would have to be particular to single player. Even if it would predominantly be used for split screen, LAN, and private servers, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be available for multiplayer.
Of course maybe I’ve been too presumptuous, and the singleplayer mode you’ve imagined would have setpiece and cinimatic moments, have time pass like in The Long Dark, or otherwise would be incompatible with multiplayer.

It sounds somewhat similar to having a “campaign”-esque storyline type gamemode where you have quests from NPCs, cutscenes, and whatnot. It does seem interesting to try out, and a possible reward for “completing” these types of campaigns could be weapon skins, cosmetics, etc. The concept of a “survival mode” sounds perfectly plausible, however multiplayer could cause issues.

Sleeping - multiplayer sleep would either require a

  1. Server administrator or staff member to set it to day or one-person sleep
  2. Everybody to sleep at once, sort of like Minecraft.

No loot respawn - Ammunition and things would need to be crafted probably, and trolls on multiplayer would be very annoying to deal with.

Aside from these, I personally think It would be a nice experience.

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