Skill System Overhaul - A Mega-Suggestion

I don’t have the patience to read all that but I agree

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I think the skill cap should work as more as a soft class system

But I agree with the concept that you shouldn’t be able to be a master base builder, master medic, master whatever all at the same time.

So a soft class system could be like a combat triangle between maneuverability, combat and intelligence.

Basically you could be smart (good at skills like medic mechanic crafting etc) and fast at the expense of being spongey and weak at melee, mining and tree cutting.

You could be more tanky at the expense of less maneuverability and a skill cap on more technical skills like medic, mechanic etc… And maybe you can carry more.

You could probably think of some better class/skill cap hybrid but the basic concept is to make players need each other more, compared to being a maxed out lone wolf kosing machine that doesn’t need anyone, they’re just moving loot bags

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Opened? Why.

Maybe with the Books also find Writable books so we can maybe write our own stories would be nice

So he could edit it and add a table of contents for ease of reading.

These already exist in U3 as books the player crafts themselves, so I don’t really see a reason to change it to having to find them.

But yeah, I’d assume writable books would come back in UII

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I was making a post very similar to this, i even had some concept art… :frowning: Rip me

Well I mean you could post it here, or if it is very different from this topic than I would say that you could make the post that you are working on

Ironically, while I intended on adding a ToC to this, that would involve discontinuing the current format I have of drop-downs, which for this particular thread I think looks alright.

Unsure what to actually do now, but at least there’s on-topic discussion here which is rad.

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  • Keep the current dropdown formatting
  • Convert the post to a ToC-based uncollapsed post
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