bookshelves are relatively recent compared to 3.0’s release. how do you think people who played the game pre-bookshelves managed? because it wasn’t THAT bad.

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when you lost your skills you would just go chainsaw some trees/kill some zombies but hes proposing we have to level one skill individually by doing things related to the skill which i think is a good idea but im not sure how we would go around having to redo them all when we die.

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Maybe reading a book on a certain skill could help you improve that skill, and you could write your own books so that you could have a backup up of your skills.

Maybe instead of costing experience to write books, it would just require resources, and a book could only bring a players skill up to a certain percentage of the skill they had when they wrote the book.
I.e. on easy you could craft a book that, when read completely restored one of your skills, while on hard, it would only restore a small portion of your skill.


Maybe books could contain certain crafting recipes too?

I think books/bookcases should also be a way to share skills with others, instead of being a bank for experience points like before.

This sounds more like Skyrim than a survival game tbh
4.x skill trees have already been discussed properly awhile ago
Skills in 4.x?

TL,DR what you do affects the skill related to that particular action (i.e constant sprinting will increaase your speed skill)

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Honestly i think the best soulution is to make it like the old days where skills were esseintly just choosed on your charaticer and everything else stays static and its a point based system where you have certain negatives that give you points while postives make you loose points

One of the worst skill from 3.0 in my opinion is exercise, the one that makes you run faster while consuming less stamina. This can make a player move like a sloth to the frickin flash and it feels very unbalanced, especially in PvP. Also, jumping in 3.0 is like a must do when in combat. In 3.0, PvP feels quite silly where players speed across the battlefield and jumping around like a madman. I hope in 4.0 the skill “exercise” can either tone down or even remove it completely, and make jumps consume more stamina or remove it too. Going past obstacles can be replaced by a vault, like vaulting over a window to enter a building and other obstacles with nice animations. All these can make combat in unturned more balanced in terms of maneuverability and I feel it is very important in PvP. This can also let players make use of the terrain for cover instead of running and jumping around dodging bullets and make a more dynamic combat. Thanks :slight_smile:

Just thought I would throw this here for you Harvest, you might like Yarrrr’s idea.

I think we’re having slightly different ideas, I was suggesting that, the skill system get replaced by something like the one in The Long Dark, while you were suggesting the skill system be tweaked to be closer to that style. I don’t see the advantages of keeping it closer to a familiar style, but I think the Long Dark style skills lend themselves to the more hardcore survival direction 4.X is supposed to go.

Oof, just realized Kylie posted that. Rip

Lol it’s fine
A little taste of both won’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh, i haven’t played nor seen The Long Dark so i don’t know what you are reffering to. But Skyrim is pretty known, so that’s kinda why i suggested the skills to be more of a “do to upgrade” because it just seems logical and it’s known

No skills which affect jumping and movement speed, please. Weight mechanic would be much better. If you want to move faster then wear lighter equippables, don’t carry many items and don’t equip heavy weapons. This would help bambis running away from already geared players too.

Actually, you can already share experience to groupmates via libraries.

I know that, but I ment that the goal of books/bookcases should be to share learnt skills (using the suggested system), not to share xp itself.

Then it would be too OP because a player with max skills can easily make his friends maxed out by simply giving them a book

I had already mentioned that reading a book should only give a certain percentage of the author’s skill level, and that said percentage would vary by difficulty/configuration. Not sure that’s what that guy was imagining.

I like the skilling system. You can decide what you want to skill and it’s not to complex as you couldn’t unterstand it!

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